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Links: people we met

People we met during our travels with their own site (not necessarily cyclists):
(in order of (re-)appearance) = cycling blog / website

Is on the first leg of his round-the-world cycling trip. Follow him on his way to Mexico!
Cairene Sherif cycled around his home country Egypt for almost four months
Mosaics by Thomas Denker, president of the German association of mosaic makers
Anja's offering treks in the high mountains of the Sinai
is trying to race his way from Cairo to Cape Town
one of two chefs on Tour d'Afrique. She writes a blog on it too.
Tanzanian staff member of Tour d'Afrique; the first black African cycle tourer.
towards South Africa in their Hanomag truck (with great coffee making facilities!)

Barbara hosted us (via Warmshowers) in Al Bayda, Libya.
Peter is a specialist travel photograher with a total of 13 years of travel experience
this German/Aussie couple are cruising from Heidelberg to Capetown on a KTM
bad photos/crappy commentary on southern France ;-) & Cycling in Languedoc
France based Japanese writer for Elle studying art.
cycled around Asia for 7 months. We first met outside a grotty north Indian hotel
crossing the Americas north to south. Cycling along the US Pacific Coast
cycled to China. Great friends ! Met again in Paris 2010.
journey from Caribbean to Cape; revisit in Belgium
media artist; great to catch up with this world traveller
Friedel & Andrew biked the world & written about it ever since; finally met in The Hague
cycled with these two in Malaysia; great lunch in Warmond
former art teacher and his partner treated us to a fantastic dinner in Rotterdam
(& Jan) looked us up in San Blas & we looked them up in Utrecht
great warmshowers host in Curitiba, Brazil. Offered us a place to stay, wifi, pizzas & more
mother of all world travels...
Gisele's philosophy about vegetarianism (the only vegetarian we met in South America!)
40 thousand kilometres blog; leading Brazilian site about gear, trips & expeditions
meetings in Istanbul, Santiago and Panguipulli

we cycled together in Ecuador and met again in Chile
cycled to Kyrgyzstan then; off to other destinations now!
motorcycle and sidecar discovering the world
from Mexico City to La Paz (and beyond?)
on a vintage Harley towards sunny beaches
on and off the road again, travelling on motorcycles
with trailers on the way to Argentina
honeymoon on a tandem
cycling from Ushuaia to Caracas
biking through India, SE Asia and the Americas
German motor cyclists going to Ushuaia
Parisian Vincent is cycling to North America
we met a girl called Zoe in David and Panama City...
family on bikes on the PanAmerican
by public transport through Central & South America

heading south from Portland to Panama...
"howling at the moon" tour from Seattle to Cancun
on their globetour by Land Rover
on a 6 months road trip in their VW Westlife
driving from San Fran to Ushuaia
driving down the Americas
are making everybody jealous...
journalist/writer (and cyclist)
is planning a new trip to Central Asia
African adventure TravelPod
(YouTube) video of Bike Trippers
extreme cyclist and globetrotter
artist, cyclist and a reluctant nomad
galleries from this cool Canadian photographer
runs two sites about cc's... site2
Nigel's life on a bike
Christian Dittmann has been cycling on ever since we met in Bangkok
fab four on wheels!

is cycling to Australia... and beyond
is living in India but still travelling around... on his Enfield
was on his way to India
cycled from Germany to New Zealand
traveled through Nepal and India
traveled around the world on a motorcycle
was going overland to Australia (from India)
has been travelling through Asia and met 4 times now!
are pedalling off to New Zealand! And have arrived
is on his way back to Japan (via KKH and Tibet)
were driving their old Renault around to...
great photos from his beautiful Pakistan
were on their way to Tibet (and further!)
cycled via Pakistan to Central Asia
mountaineering adventures in Northern Pakistan
are cycling back to Europe (from Asia)
run eco-hotel Makasutu in The Gambia
New York based photographer
cycled from Switzerland to New Zealand...
travelled in their Nissan Patrol from Germany to Pakistan
making up their cycling tour as they go
on his cycling way around the world
Adventure cyclist, photographer, speaker & writer
lives in and makes photos of Kyrgyzstan
cycled from Paris to Beijing
cycled from Nice, France to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
on their way to climb Pik Lenin
Ilse and Jasper cycling towards Nepal
is heading towards Cambodia, on 2 wheels too
has been & will be cycling for a while...
Jon and Sean speeding around the Med
walked through Turkey, but likes cycling too!
= cyclebear although he doesn't cycle a lot...
works at Mavi Guesthouse , what a hunk !
freelance photographer currently in Iraq
is going to China by public transport
site by Bill; we met in Alexandroupoli
decided in 2003 to go sailing for 3 months...
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