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moneySo, why would you spend your hard earned money on -possibly- two total strangers, who seem to enjoy themselves tremendously cycling around the globe; encountering different cultures, food and drinks and spending their time in hotel rooms and on beautiful beaches?

Well, we wouldn't mind doing that a little bit longer...

But seriously: we spend a lot of time and effort on keeping this site up-to-date and we try to make it better every time we work on it ! We want to add more usefull information for travellers, cyclists and curious others; either for the information or just the joy of reading.

moneyThat is something we set out to do. We don't want to keep the information for ourselves, it's not for an upcoming book, it is here and free to be read by anyone, who is curious enough about travelling, vegetarianism, cycling, the weather, distances and loads more.

If you think it is worth keeping this up -the cycling and the website bits- then maybe you should donate a little bit of money towards this goal. It will help us to stay on the road, so we can give you more useful information.

And it's easy. All you have to do is press the button below, and Paypal will handle the rest. THANKS !


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