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Country information index

On these pages we will publish country specific information for travellers and touring cyclists alike. We have gathered information about the cost of living in several countries and produced some awesome tables with information; the country pages probably contain the highest number of road distance charts anywhere on the internet; each country has a list of bicycle shops and/or links to bike shops directories, all put together for the first time; and then there is this amazing vegetarian food section.



What you can find on the country information pages?

- general information : country stats, small map
- passport and visa : info section with standard visa rules and regulations and our experiences
- getting there : wondering how to get into that beautiful country?
- road distance table : distance chart of country, region or province
- distance chart, personal records : our personal cycling stats: kilometres, altimetres and accommodation provided
- maps and road conditions : recommended road maps (including freebees) and cycling information
- cost of living / money matters : extensive cost of living charts; from peanut butter to pumpkin pie
- accommodation and where to sleep : where to sleep and what to pay
- food, drink and vegetarian fare : largest 'country specific' vegetarian food section on the net
- bicycle shops : bike repair and maintenance from every corner of the world
- climate charts : want to know how warm it is and when it's dry?

We have entered a partnership with World Travel Guide and have access to all their 'passport/visa info' and 'getting there' information. Together with our experiences, these sections will give you the latest and most up-to-date information available on how to get to your prefered destination. Updated regularly!

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