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September 2010:
Sonya wins 4th price in the Wereldfietser photo contest with a picture of the Karakorum Highway in China (below left).
And she writes the Western USA and Baja California section of the second edtion of the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook, the bible for cycle tourers by Stephen Lord (below right); buy the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook here.

wereldfietser contest Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook

February 2009: Sonya receives a runner-up price in the Transition Abroad Narrative Travel Writing Contest 2009 with her story of our travels through Pakistan. You can read it here: Long Live Pakistan

August 2008: A couple of Aaldrik's photos (below) are published in The World Nomads Book of Travels.

Karakorum Highway World Nomads Book of Travels Kaghan Valley World Nomads Book of Travels

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