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Tips & tricks: Women

For all those travelling women out there and especially those girls who have got the balls to load up the bike and get cycle touring in this big wide world: here's a few travel tips - both cycling and general - that I thought you might like to know about too.


tip 200901

save loads of money
once a month and do
your bit for the
environment too
with a Diva Cup


women have now got
something to stand up for:


Hail the diva: the perfect female travel mate

While there is no real remedy for the moody spells and discomfort each TOM (time of the month), there is the revolutionary Diva Cup to end any other associated hassles. A menstral cup is so clean, reliable and convenient: no more being caught off guard without that bulky supply of sanitary napkins or tampons, no more leakage problems and you can wear it safely for up to twelve hours at a time. All you need is a bit of water to wash it with and a few cycles to get used to using it in the beginning.

What you also shouldn't forget is you'll not only be saving yourself loads of money, but you'll be doing your bit for the environment as well. It has to be the perfect female travel mate and whether you're on the road or not, I'd still recommend giving it a go. I'm pretty sure you won't ever want to look back!

Also online at Amazon is the Mooncupamazon advert
The Lady Cup is another similar silicon product
The Keeper is a latex version of the silicon menstral cup

Now gals can really piss up the wall
I have never really thought seriously about purchasing a Female Urinary Device (FUD) which is why this tip is not a personal recommendation. There are however, a number of female cyclists out there that swear by them and after some research on internet, I can understand why. With slogans like "stand up and take control" and promises of "no more unhygienic toilet sitting " I certainly wanted to give one or two a try.

And that was quite feasible. Surprisingly, there are many different styles of urinary devices on the market. So many in fact that and have comparison tables of the things. I guess, When Ya Gotta Go, you gotta go.

Honestly though, I never would have imagined "an aid to peeing while standing" could become so popular. But then again, the PEE ZEE quite boldly boasts a "If he can, you can" which got me to thinking, when the boys get a bit too big in their boots, a rather sneaky bet could be won. You thinking what I'm thinking? "Don't take life sitting down" and GoGirl's...


Even in Turkmenistan, women dress conservatively.
As a cyclist and traveller, I felt I should also cover up.

For the future: Female travel advice along with female cycle touring tips

Can't bare another lycra debate: I'm sure to let loose here and step on some pointy toed stilhettos.....oops!!
Women cycle touring in conservative cultures: tips and tricks specific to female cyclists.
A woman's bike safety: Is it safe for women to cycle tour around the world? The answer is yes. I'll tell you why soon.
The female cyclist in Iran: what to wear when cycling or travelling in Iran
All creatures great and small: how can men and women cycle tour successfully together and tips for keeping the relationship intact for the long term traveller. As Clinical & Medical Psychologist, Michael G. Conner says in his article Understanding The Difference Between Men And Women: "it is important to honor and rejoice in both our nature and our individuality."

In the meantime, you can plough through the wealth of female travel resources internet has on offer. Below I have listed a few of my favourites: just a tip of the iceberg.


typical dress in
rural Pakistan


woman cyclist in chador
by Tasj
share alike

cycling beauties

Georges Massias, Paris: 1905
Poster for Cycles Gladiator; Lithograph


cycling beauties

1897 advertisement in ''The Graphic''
for Elliman's Universal Embrocation


cycling beauties

ca. 1890 author unknown [ source ]



Illustration of tandem tricycle, ca. 1886

Girls talk travel too

Plenty of girls out there blogging about their travels and worldwide adventures.

Women's cultural and safety issues - general travel & cycling talks to a number of female cyclists who have travelled in countries with different cultures.
Amaya Williams has something to say about riding in lycra. with mountains of info for female travellers. bite sized information sheet on one women's safety experiences while cycle touring in the USA.

Some sensible bike gear for women
Team Estrogen have a great selection of skorts
Padded underwear for the skort with no padded bike short protection
Skirt Sports: offer a selection of skirts for sporting activities
Louis Garneau's Women Cyclo Short, Women's Cambria Skirt and Kat Skirt are really fabulous products
Shebeest have their well known Sportwrap Solid Skirt
Or what about the Shebeest Boardrider Capri Bike Pants ?

Michelle Henderson's Robena bike wear is probably some of the funkiest gal's cycle attire you'll ever find. Just check out the sleeveless jersey range. While not exactly for the cycle tour in conservative countries, so save these custom made garments for when you really want to be noticed.

Just a little tip: if you want some baggy riding gear that is less revealing than the normal bike shorts, then look in the women's MBT sections of sport stores and in on-line shops.

General women's
Womens travel Tips: A women's travel portal created by Marybeth Bond, an expert on women's travel. She also has her own personal blog.
Adventure Divas: top notch travel exerts from all over the globe is an online women's travel store has great section on travel clothing: you know the type that doesn't wrinkle; dries quickly and is really comfortable. is an all-round women's travel resource and I especially love the Best travel Tips section. Have a look at this idea for stashing you money in your bra too.
Women-on-the-road: inspiration and advice for women who love to travel solo.
WomenTravelBlog: women travel the world too!
Wanderlust and Lipstick: your destination for women’s travel.
Blogsbywomen: as the name.
Adventurous Kate: a travelzine come blog created by Monica Wong. She used to want the corner office. Now she wants the world. Also author of A Pair of Panties & Boxers. chronicles of a birth from corporate lackey to full blown traveller.

Worldwide cycling & touring
Bike About: a resource page from Liz Wilton and Chris Leakey linking blogs of women out there on their loaded bikes: either solo or with partners.
Take on Africa: Helen Lloyd's amazing photos and journey by bike from UK to Cape Town.
Leana Niemand: cycling solo around the world. Some pretty amazing pics and adventures.
Bernadette Speet with her worldly cycling adventures.
Jolandie Rust wants to circumnavigate Africa on a bicycle & solo
Hanna: cycling in America Anna currently on a bicycle tour of the Americas: the plan and route is open
Kate Harris: explorer, writer, cyclist.
Heidi's bicycle touring adventures from her home in North Carolina to Alaska: her interview on Bicycle 101 is a great overview of quite an amazing trike adventure. by Alana Conner who by day: is a museum curator; by night: a science writer & cultural psychologist; and in between: she walks the cat, rides the bike and bakes the vegan bacon cake. has a separate section for women's cycling tips. from Mary Blomquist is a wonderful resource site about women and cycling in general. There are excellent bike maintenance tips and info on choosing the right biking clothing and accessories. Articles are simple and concise like Mary's catchphrase: "As always, enjoy the ride!"
Bike Shop Girl: helping women find their way in cycling
Women's Outdoor Life: not just about biking, but living the outdoor life.
Women's website has a great resource page about cycling in general with some useful links.
Biking4women was created to build awareness of the importance of womens health and healthy living. The clickable map leads to a trail and bikeshop directory which is a very handy resource if travelling in the USA.

Inspirational cycle touring reading
Dervla Murphy: an Irish touring cyclist who loaded up in the 60's and toured from Dublin to Delhi with a Bicycle. One of the most inspiring female travellers and now, as quoted on her website: in her late-70s, she continues to travel around the world and remains passionate about politics, conservation, bicycling and beer.
Lone Traveller: One Woman, Two Wheels and the World by Anne Mustoe
A Bike Ride: 12,000 Miles Around the World by Anne Mustoe
Where the Pavement Ends: One Woman's Bicycle Trip Through Mongolia, China & Vietnamamazon advert by Erika Warmbrunn
The Sun in My Eyes: Two-Wheeling Eastamazon advert by Josie Dew
The First Big Ride: A Woman's Journeyamazon advert by Eloise Hanner
Riding with Ghosts: South of the Borderamazon advert by Gwen Maka

world wide insure


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