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Links: other cyclists

Betzgi's Cycle Tours
around the world by bicycle, amazing photos
Inspiration / info for world cyclists
Mirjam has no intention to stop anyday soon
with Karin van Toor and Peter Mak
adventure pages, extreme cyclist / climber
Michal Sitarz's cycling and snowboarding site
Friedel & Andrew biked the world & have written about it ever since
LA to South America on 2 tandems and onwards to Timbuktu
2 'slightly' adventurous souls pedalling across the globe
Nicole and Tobias cycling towards the horizon since 2009

(western Europe to East Asia / Australia)
the road is our goal; from Switzerland to Nepal
Liz and Chris are on their way from New Zealand to England
Two mates cycling from London to Sydney for War Child
Jon and Frank sharing great times cycle touring Europe
UK to Oz by bicycle
cycling homepages
the mad and the bad, from Turkey to India

Randy and Nancy's big bike trip through the Americas
how much better has all this been than lounging in comfort at home
one thing I want to do before I die...
photos, diary and downloadable elevation profiles
email group for long distance cyclists travelling through the Americas
great resources on everything South America; unpaved and high passes!
from Alaska to Ushuaia
Pedalling around the world, but mostly around South America !
South America bicycle touring links
Diary from cycling traveller Kevin Bauer
Ivana and Harry cycling the America's. Great photo's !

Take On Africa: A Journey by Bike from UK to Cape Town
If you like orange, check out why this blog is called “Orange Bike Ride”
The Big Africa Cycle starts now!
from Poland to Cairo
cycling home from Cape Town
getting to know Egypt from an Egyptian cyclist's point of view
Beth and Richard are on their way from Cambridge to Cape Town... on a tandem

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