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So you are interested in advertising on our site?
On this page we will try to explain how this all works, what the advantages are for you to advertise on and what it will cost.

Why advertise on this site ? Because we offer unique content !

  • not only are we one of the few non-stop cyclists with a professional website, we bundle all the information we find while cycling around the world in a site filled with unique text, photos, film, maps, charts, reviews and other info for cyclists and travellers alike. And we don't hide anything or safe any information for a soon to be published book... Visitors are free to roam around our easy to use site.
  • we are gathering bike shops information from around the world.
  • we have an enormous amount of distance charts and are adding our detailed charts while we go.
  • as vegetarians we have started a comprehensive list of things we, and of course other vegetarians and vegans, can eat, while travelling around the world. (by the way, vegetarian food is also very good for non-vegetarians!)
  • we have also included the most up-to-date list of worldwide cost of living you can find on the web.
  • we have added an accommodation and where to sleep section, to give people a small insight in what to expect when spending the night in a certain town or city.
  • we have over 300 climate charts, which makes it probably the most comprehensive climate charts site in the world.
  • we are working together with WorldTravelGuide on a swap-content basis. This means we can use their content on our site in exchange for photos and a blog, which will be put on theirs. WorldTravelGuide has an audience of 1,5 million visitors a month! We hope to grab a few of those visitors: our blog will feature our website name and all the photos WorldTravelGuide is publishing will have our website address attached to it. Using their content will further expand our range of audience.
  • As you can see, our content isn't just for the touring cyclist, although we know we have a loyal audience in them; it is for travellers who want to know more about a certain country; what they can expect when they get there; what they need to know before they go; and if they want to cycle; this site is one of the most comprehensive ones on the net.
  • and not to forget: we have handed out almost 2000 business cards since the start of our trip.
So, to make a long story short:
  • we have a growing number of followers, that are interested in travel, outdoors, cycling, adventure, food and equipment used by us. And those followers are from all over the world !
  • we are well placed in the main search engines in different segments of the market, be it cycling around the world, weather charts, vegetarian food, distances and/or passport and visa information.
  • we can show you our monthly stats supporting the growth of our site and the pageviews we currently receive. We can also show you where our customers come from.
  • we are always trying to broaden our horizon and we promote our site via social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Hyves and several travel related forums.
  • we can market your product in a way that others can't! We are right in the middle of it all, cycling around the world and attracting tonnes of attention because of it.
  • it won't cost you an arm and a leg and the communication can be swift and easy.

What kind of ads are available?
On our homepage ( we can offer the following ad space:
Banner 728 x 90 pixels : € 40.00 / month
Banner 300 x 250 pixels : € 40.00 / month
Banner 160 x 600 pixels: € 40.00 / month

Ads on other pages: (ads are shown on 5 pages picked by the advertiser, excluding the index page)
Banner space 728 x 90 pixels : € 20.00 / month
Banner space 300 x 250 pixels : € 20.00 / month
Banner 160 x 600 pixels: € 20.00 / month
Text Link Ads: € 15.00 / month per text link

Other sizes and prices for ads on either our homepage or on other pages on request.
Please contact us with your requirements.

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sonalinksDuration of ads placement
All advertisement start with a minumum contract period of six (6) months.

Advertisers looking for a contract for a year will receive 10% discount.

If you like to target specific pages on this site, please let us know. If you don't have a banner to publish your products, or it doesn't fit our size requirements, we should work together to build a new one! Ask us.

What ads are acceptable?
We will only market products or services that fit our target audience.

How do I pay?
Payment is in advance after your advertisement has been approved. Your advertisement will be placed on our site as soon as payment is received by Paypal or in our Dutch or Australian bank accounts. You will be notified of further details after we approved you ads.

If you like some more information please contact us.

No more questions?
Get in touch to see what we can do for you !

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