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Tour • guide Biking Beaches in Brazil

biking beaches in Brazil

From Curitiba to Miracatu
Maps, route description, elevation charts, photos, tips
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First edition published November 2010
Size: 2.5 MB

Kevin Bauer of


UPDATE: most of the bridges that were missing at the start of Superagüi (south side) have been rebuild, with the use of concrete this time. No more wet feet !






Secluded Atlantic rainforest where ferns brush your face and fiery pink bromeliads line your narrow path are just a couple of the treasure moments you'll get to experience while cycling one of Brazil's best kept touring secrets. You will see playful tucuxi dolphins, you may get a glimpse of the native black-faced lion tamarin and local life is certain to amble on as unpretensiously as it has done for centuries.

So if you don't mind negotiating a boat or two with local fishermen, then here is your chance to feel just what it is like to pedal right next to breaking waves. Your perception of 'riding on sand' will be changed for ever. Read on...


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