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Previous bike tours

Since 1996 we have done some 'serious' cycling during our holidays. It started in 1996 with our travels in Thailand and Malaysia; a first time for cycle touring and for South-East Asia and what an experience we had!

1996: Thailand and Malaysia
1998: Thailand (non-cycling trip)

Thai fishing boats


When we returned to Europe in 1998 we decided we wanted to do more of it, so much so that in both 2000 and 2001 we set off for a trip to Belgium and northern France.

2000 & 2001: Belgium and northern France

castle along the Loire


Two years without cycling (trip to Australia in 2002 and a working 'holiday' in 2003) made us realise how much we missed our bikes. So we made a plan for another trip, this time flying to Barcelona in Spain and cycling back to Arnhem, the Netherlands. It started halfway through July 2004; we arrived home on the 9th of August. It was definitely worth all the steep climbs!

2004: Spain, France, Luxemburg & Belgium

previous trips Spain

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