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Cycling towards a good cause

During the preparations of our world trip, we decided we would sell some of our belongings and donate the money to a good cause / good cuases somewhere in the world. The auction at our GoodbyeHolland Party raised € 252,27. In Mavi Guesthouse Istanbul, Murielle donated € 7 towards it and in Islamabad we added another € 2 ourselves, so the balance, as of 23rd of September 2007, was € 261,27

On July 29, 2009 we donated 20,000 Colombian Pesos (roughly € 7) towards the little school at the Parque Nacional Nevado del Ruiz. This as a thank you for letting us camp at the school grounds for the night.
On August 11, 2009 we donated € 15 to Peter Gostelow's Big Africa Cycle Against Malaria Foundation
On January 12, 2010 we donated £ 10 to James Pratt's Opportunity International
On April 4, 2011 we donated another € 15 to Peter Gostelow's Big Africa Cycle Against Malaria Foundation
We occasionaly donate money to Kiva for the day to day running of the organisation (see below)

Keep looking at the site for updates about where the money will go to. Thanks! But please read on...

Good Cause Finances (latest on top):

donation to Peter Gostelow's Against Malaria Foundation
donated hosting & domain to Bedouin Craft in St. Catherine, Egypt
donation (US$ 5,00) to
donation to James Pratt's Opportunity International
donation (US$ 2,50) to
donation to Peter Gostelow's Against Malaria Foundation
donation to Nevado del Ruiz school in Colombia
left-over Islamabad dining adventure
Murielle @ Mavi Guesthouse Istanbul
Goodbyeholland party

in €

April 4 '11
March '11
January 21 '10
January 12 '10
October 14 '09
August 11 '09
July 29 '09
September 1 '07
February 17 '07
July 7 '06





Be a loaner !
We have decided we would like to do something with the money, while we try to find a suitable cause. We don't need the interest, so we thought of lending it out to people who need small loans setting up or expanding a business in developing countries. This is what Kiva does, an organisation that serves as a middleman between us and them. You can join too! Just visit their website and start lending out your money, it starts at only US$25 !

Kiva - loans that change lives

You can see where we have been lending money, by clicking on the Kiva button above. It will take you directly to the personal lending page on the website . As soon as US$25 has been repaid into our Kiva account, we will lend it out again. We now have US$ 500 in Kiva and have already surpassed our 100th loan ! (October 2012)

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