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On the road . February 2010 . Chile and Argentina

map route Chile and Argentina

Camping Los Coihues [website] Bariloche, 04-03-10
Get me to the wedding on time!

Barrancas to Panguipulli
(9 cycle days; 1 rest day; 600km; 6938m)

Barrancas to 22 km. after Buta Ranquil (60km; 673m)
22 km. after Buta Ranquil to Chos Malal (66km; 859m)
Chos Malal to 23 km. after Chorriaca (95km; 1087m)
23 km. after Chorriaca to Las Lajas (64km; 513m)
Las Lajas to 500 m. before Argentinian border (55km; 1080m)
Argentinian border to 19 km. > Liucura - Chile (48km; 723m)
19 km. after Liucura to 9 km. after Melipeuco (63km; 558m)
9 km. after Melipeuco to Villarrica (88km; 664m)
Villarrica to Chauquen - Panguipulli (62km 781m)

Better off wild
Last night, we disagreed on a few too many points and the sour mood is brought over into the new day. Our departure is somewhat delayed, but once we are out pedalling the undulating road to Buta Ranquil, all is forgotten and forgiven. The camping municipal is difficult to find and hardly worth the trouble. It's more like a dumping ground for the roadwork department and pedestrian course, from one side of the town to the other, for locals...

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tip of the month February 2010Tip of the month: the perfect fire starter

With all the camping in the last months and the numerous chances to light an open fire, I thought back to this great fire-starting tip I heard about while cycling in the USA.

Soak cotton wool balls in petroleum jelly (commonly known as vaseline), and store in a sturdy ziploc bag. When it comes to starting a fire, pop one of the balls on a stick and place in an optimum position under the wood and light. It will burn long enough to get your firewood properly blazing.


Barrancas - Villa Los Coihues (Argentina)
Kilometres: 928 km and 420 m only...
Riding days: 14 (too many parties !!!)
Alti meters: still 11,706 metres up !
Weather: more rain than we bargened for
Best accommodation: Camping Pemehue near Chauquén (Panguipulli) great set-up: light, electricity, swimming pool, perfect view of Villarrica vulcano, cover when it rained and 7th night free! Bummer we didn't spend much time here, we were too busy partying somewhere else... :-)

Special thanks to:
The Garcia family for their most amazing hospitality and warm welcome at their wonderful home in Panguipulli • Carmen Gloria for the best tiramisu this side of Italy. Mmmmmh! • Benja and Natalia for inviting us to their wedding; being such wonderfully relaxed friends; and genuinely gorgeous people. Love ya! • Manuel and Marisol for their instant friendship and also being genuinely gorgeous people. Love ya too! • Diego for taking a shine to Ali (Dr. House come Anthony Bourdain) and providing plenty of laughs. (especially when he caught the bride's bouquet). Okay, love ya as well! • All of Benja and Natalia's friends (too numerous to mention) for making us feel very welcome and totally at home. Love, love ya do...• The Argentinean family that insisted we took their cold bottle of water while we were cycling in the heat of northern Patagonia • John and Linda for our fourth meeting (twice in Turkey, once in Thailand and now in San Martin de los Andes) and some very nice evenings contemplating the pro's and cons of being on the road for a while... and not to forget the scrummy meals! Hope to see ya soon! • James for interrupting his afternoon siesta to make the 13 kilometre "out of Bariloche" stretch to join us at Camping Los Coihues . Couldn't have wished for a better reunion with a better friend. Great to celebrate seeing you again James. "And Bless the Blest Beer in Bariloche"... try that one after a few Frambuesas :-) • Sonya's Mum and Dad for spending all the phone calls and negotiation time with Harry to buy her a new video camera. And then beginning to think about how to get it shipped safely to South America! • Everyone who thought of us and sent messages when the earthquake. struck Chile. Thanks, it is great to know people are thinking about you • Manu at Sunn Bicycles for the news story and link on their website • Rodrigo for the nice report on his 40milkm.blogspot about travelling adventurers.

08: flat tyre (Ali)
14: broken tent pole
14: Sony photo camera gives up... just after we had it cleaned...
22: Sony video camera record button gives up. That's not very handy...

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