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On the road . January 2010 . Chile and Argentina

map route Argentina and Chile

Camping Los Coihues [website] Bariloche, 27-02-10
To a capital of friends

16 kilometres after La Cebada - Santiago de Chile
(6 cycle days; 1 rest day; 384km; 4063m)

16 km> La Cebada to 9 km> Huentalauquén (70.00km; 828m)
9 km. after Huentalauquén Sur to Los Molles (66km; 697m)
Los Molles to 5 km. after La Laguna (73km; 952m)
5 km. after La Laguna to Valparaiso (63km; 358m)
Valparaiso to 6 km. after Curacaví (66km; 763m)
6 km. after Curacaví to Santiago (46km; 465m)

Against the force
After a sunset view through barbed wire and toasting the New Year in somewhat early, January the first is nothing special. Its the same occasional glimpse of the coast, same boring scenery with the same fenced off landscape of cacti and brown earth. Headwinds pick up and the hills roll to the same intensity. We also have the similar problem of finding a decent spot to pitch the tent for the night. One could easily go insane in these conditions, but you find ways around it: singing or listening to music helps; designing the inside of a bus for your next travelling adventures is definitely therapeutic; or even pretending you are being interviewed ...

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tip of the month January 2010Tip of the month: Propel bottles beat any plastic bike bottle we've ever used!
These Propel bottles were bought in the US at a local supermarket filled with flavoured water way back in the middle of October 2008. They cost just US$1.79 each. They also fitted perfectly in our bike cages and looked sturdy enough for the endurance of cycle touring.
And with Ali's getting the first hole just a little over one year, one month and one week later, that was proven correct. Besides their see-through nature, which means you can tell when they need a good clean, they have been tough and excellent value for money. Whether the company still produces the same bottle or not we don't know, but if you stumble upon them, then we suggest you purchase a couple. They are superb touring bidons!


near La Cebeda (Chile) - Barancas (Argentina)
Kilometres: 1311 km & 50 m
Riding days: 18
Alti meters: 12,160 metres up
Weather: sunny and hot again and again
Best accommodation: Hostal Forestal in Santiago. Cool hostel with extremely friendly staff!

Special thanks to:
Didier for visiting us at the hostel and reunite! • Hiro for many pleasant beers and meals in the Santiago afternoon. Hope we meet again real soon! • Karsten and Ingrid for catching us at last miniutes notivce in Santiago and the wonderful night out • Cuchi Leandro and partner who sent photos of us from along the famous Ruta 40 • Belastingdienst (tax-office) in Nederland (not!!): this is getting repetitive! Adriaan for his continual correspondance and paitence due to the Belastingdienst's incompetent processing and system • Staff at Hostal Forestal for their friendliness • Carlos and Karlos for a fabulous time out and instant friendship • Gustavo for his kind and inspiring words • Richard for his kind and inspiring words • Benja and Natalia for the pisco sour evenings; remeniscent talks and exciting plans for the future, but above all for surprising us with an invitation to their wedding in the Chilean Lake District. It will be an honour to attend guys!

03: flat tyre (Son)
23: flat tyre (Son)
25: flat tyre (Ali)

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