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On the road . March 2010 . Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil

map route Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil

Splendido Hotel, Montevideo, Uruguay, 20-03-10
Blest are those who drink beer

We haven't moved for two weeks. And we've had a great time. The owners and staff of the campsite are amazed that we have remained put for so long. Not one mountain trek, no wanders in the forest, not a horse ride to our names. Nada, unless you count cycling to and from the supermarket up the road for daily supplies.

But you know, we don't care. Others, and by others I mean; "non touring cyclists" don't seem to realise that our normal travel life is extremely active. They see our loaded bikes, but it doesn't really sink in what we actually do everyday. We not only see mountains and forests and lakes, but we clamber up them and through them and along them and then we wild camp on and in and next to them. We also contend with all the usual routine stuff that goes along with that, which I can tell you right now, takes up a lot of time. There are only ever a few hours left over at the end of each day and you generally have the nagging desire to fill those with sleep. So, when we stop somewhere for a while, we really do stop...

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tip of the month March 2010Tip of the month: a little memento

Having business cards with your web and email information is definitely a growing trend among travellers and a nice memento for those you meet.

For a start, it is easier than writing your details, goodness knows how many times, on bits of paper that get forgotten in a trouser pocket. Additionally, apart from being impressive, there is little chance of handwriting misinterpretation. It is also not necessary to go to the trouble or expense of printing them off professionally. A simple layout on an A4 page, which can be easily printed off in an internet cafe will suffice. That way you only have to carry a few at a time with you.


Villa los Coihues (Argentina) - San José do Norte (Brazil)
Kilometres: 935 km. and 140 m.
Riding days: 15 (quite a few short ones too)
Alti meters: 3,194 meters up
Weather: sunny, sunny, sunny
Best accommodation: Camping Los Coihues near Bariloche. Great fun and very relaxing!

Special thanks to:
James alias "the cycling lawyer" for his expert help • James again for his expert skills in chillin', eatin' and drinkin' • Blest Brew House for being there • Kwik, Kwek and Kwak (Dutch for Huey, Dewey, and Louie); the rooster and his lady hens; Polka (the saint bernard), Bernardo (the "thieving steak off the barbie" great dane puppy), and old arthritic boy husky for keeping us entertained at Camping Los Coihues • The staff at Camping Los Coihues for being really relaxed and keeping such a great campground in order • Mum and Dad for all the hassle of trying to send a camera to Argentina when it is impossible to send lithium ion batteries via Australia Post • Mum and Dad again for the MP3 present, which we still have to buy, but cannot find for a reasonable price in Argentina • Patrick and Elaine for the cold water and roadside chat on our way to Montevideo • Osvaldo for escorting us through the city centre to our hotel and the warm welcome to Montevideo • Petrol station attendants throughout Brazil for letting us camp each night on their premises.

18: flat tyre (Son)
27: broken tent pole
31: broken tent pole...
31: flat tyre (Son)

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