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On the road . October 2010 . France, Italy and Tunisia

map route France, Corsica, Sardinia and Tunisia

Hotel Maison Dorée, Tunis, Tunisia, 26-11-10
Cycling the Mediterranean Islands
Nîmes to Bonifacio
(10 cycle days; 1 rest days; 599km; 6351m)

Nîmes to St. Mitre-les-Remparts (111km; 248m)
St.Mitre-les-Remparts - Marseille + ferry Bastia (55km; 603m)
Bastia to Lido de la Marana (15km; 79m)
Lido de la Marana to St. Florent (31km; 383m)
St. Florent to Algajola (53km; 667m)
Algajola to Galéria (56km; 609m)
Galéria to Portu (53km; 619m)
Portu to Calcatoggio (64km; 960m)
Calcatoggio to Porto Pollo (79km; 1118m)
Porto Pollo to Bonifacio (82km; 1065m)

Over dinner and route planning
Over dinner with Shoko and Gerry, that question pops up again:"Do you two ever argue?"

Well, the answer to that is: "Yes, of course we do", and I suspect like most couples, often over the same boring things. But how do you discuss this really; over dinner and all...

read on
Tip of the Month:How to clean a bike cassette with a shoelace
For all those lovers of nifty little tricks, here's a bike cleaning technique I discovered quite by accident. To my surprise, I found a sure-fire way of getting all that gunk out of my cassette without too much hassle or mess. And all I needed was a shoelace.

Just wrap the shoelace around the first cassette cog and hold in place like a chain. Pull each side alternatively towards you in a rhythmic motion. If you get the right tension and angle, the shoelace easily works its way through each gear. Keep doing this until all the grease and grime is removed. It is guaranteed to get right down in between each cog. Soaking the shoelace or spraying the cassette with a bit of citrus solvent first, gets the job done in no time at all and if you are careful, with virtually no grease on your hands afterwards.


Nîmes (France) - Tunis (Tunisia)
1114 kilometres and 240 metres
Riding days: 19
Alti meters: 12,322 metres up!
Weather: windy
Best accommodation: Tavolara Camping friendliest and most helpfull staff of any campsite, ever.

Special thanks to:
Gerry & Shoko once again for the wonderful hospitality in Nimes • Sonya's Mum & Dad for the MP3 player, thus giving their daughter music once again: she is forever grateful • Crosso for the rear pannier sponsorship • Thomas at Rohner socks for replacing a faulty pair at no cost • Andrea for the coffee and conversation riding into Portu, Corsica • Everyone at Tavolara Camping for the help with planning our ferry trips and for the personal attention and favours • Tille & Ains for the great travel company aboard the Grandi Navi Velochi ferry • Nadia & Olivier for the finest CouchSurfing and knowledge sharing in Tunis, Tunisia

16: flat tyre (Ali)

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