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On the road . November 2010 . Tunisia

map route Tunisia

Internet Café, Mersa Matrouh, Egypt, 24-12-10
Smiley, happy, friendly people

Tunis to Kairouan
(2+ cycle days; 173km; 867m)

Tunis suburbs to Tunis city centre (14km; 12m)
Tunis to 10 km after El Fahs (73km; 490m)

10 km after El Fahs to Kairouan (86km; 365m)

After 4 weeks, you can imagine we are definitely ready to get pedalling again. Tunis has a certain charm, but living out of a hotel room for so long - albeit with internet and breakfast and wonderful staff - becomes pretty tiresome. We visit a few tourist spots, meet up with a few locals and travellers and on more than a few occasions see the inside of the waiting room at the Libyan Embassy. I am quite familiar with the scant decor, the studded brown leather stools, the old fashioned drapery and the lone, but ceremonious photograph of Gadafi hanging on the wall; those Lee Major sunglasses and pastel blue robe of embroidered finery will remain forever in my memory. It should, I stared at it for long enough...

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tip of the month November 2010 Tip of the Month: putting rack extenders to good safety use
Many articles on travel security suggest putting your valuables in a hotel safe, which is fine if there is one. In our experience that luxoury doesn't come by very often. After our room at Hotel Casablanca in Flores, Guatemala was searched by staff, we felt we could never really leave anything behind anymore. Traipsing around a town with all your electronic valuables is not really an option either. So for a long period, one of us always stayed behind. This quite frankly became a real drag.

So, we decided to find a way to create a standard sort of cupboard handle lock. The lock is made is using two rack extenders like these from Jandd and two small padlocks. All of these items we carry in our panniers anyway, so instead of just sitting there, they have been put to regular good use. Sure it isn't full-proof, but we are still firm believers that even the smallest deterrent might just send a thief looking for an easier target.


Tunis - Kairouan (Tunisia)
173 km and 260 m
Riding days: 2 and a bit days (the rest waiting for our visa)
Alti meters: 867 metres
Weather: unpredictable
Best accommodation: Hotel La Maison Dorée. Very friendly and helpful staff. Good room with private shower & free wifi smack bang in the middle of Tunis.

Special thanks to:
Nadia & Olivier for showing us some of the finer culinary and historical pleasures of Tunisia • Slim & the staff at Hotel Maison Dorée in Tunis for their friendliness, cleanliness and first-rate helpfulness • Peter Sinclair for bumping into us at the Libyan Embassy and then sparing a few afternoons chatting about the wonderful world of travel • Mohamed for taking the time out to meet up for coffee and a chat • All the Couchsurfers who sent us messages, helped us out with information and wanted to meet up. Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to visit everyone, but we were grateful for the amazing enthousiasm from all the Tunisian CouchSurfers


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