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On the road . September 2010 . France and Switzerland

map route France and Switzerland

@ Gerry and Shoko's, Nîmes, France, 02-10-10
Over the hills and far away

Morbier to Thoiry (8 cycle days; 2 rest days; 444km; 6316m)

Morbier to near Anthy Sur Léman (56km; 734m)
near Anthy Sur Léman to Cluses ( 57km; 1000m)
Cluses to Thônes (47km; 1194m)
Thônes to Albertville (46km; 691m)
Albertville to Champagny-en-Vanoise (49km; 1060m)
Champagny-en-Vanoise to St. Jorioz (89km; 470m)
St. Jorioz Lake Annecy to Seyssel (16km; 399m)
Seyssel to Thoiry (48km; 768m)

The hills are alive with the sound of cowbells
Cold and crisp are the body and mind respectively. So is the weather. The superb blue skies hang around for the whole day. The first 5 kilometres is downhill-ish with only 50 meters of altitude gain. At this point we have cycled the main highway to the last entrance point into Morez. It is way easier than dropping further into town. Though the traffic isn't too bad, we happily slip off the thoroughfare and onto the quiet D25 for the long ascent. Up until the bridge you warm up on simple gradients between 1 and 3%...

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tip of the month September 2010Tip of the Month: cemetery water
Looking for somewhere to fill your water bottles up?

Why not try the local cemetery? There is usually a mains tap available, so that ground keepers and visitors can tend to the flowers and plants.

While this may not be the case in all countries of the world, it is certainly true in most parts of Europe.


Morbier - Nîmes (France)
Kilometres: 989 km and 430 m
Riding days: 16 days
Alti meters: 11,188 meters up
Weather: sunny still, but getting colder
Best accommodation: The circus tent in Thoiry :-)

Special thanks to:
Olivier and Odile for their spontaneity; open arms and great French food, cheese, wine, birthdat cake and champagne • Helen for being my best friend • Helen and Colin for looking after us so well in Thoiry. Gabriel, Alice and Harry for being such excellent entertainment and keeping Ali occupied for the entire week • Baptiste for the room, friendship and renewed energy about recycling • Flo, Ernesto and Anna for the warm and relaxed family welcome in their home in Manthes • Gerry and Shoko once again for letting us stay at their apartment (the first time was in Singapore !); the use of internet, white fluffy towels, washing machine and all those things you miss when on the road. Adn the nice bike ride to the Pont du Gard.

01: tent pole
04: headset coupling (Son)
08: front derailleur cable (Son)
20: broken spoke (Ali)
30: tent pole

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