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On the road . December 2009 . Bolivia and Chile

map route Bolivia and Chile

Hostal Forestal [website] Santiago de Chile, 12-01-10
From a metropolis to absolutely nothing...

La Paz - Bolivia to San Pedro - Chile
(14 cycle days; 2 rest days; 1018km; 5842m)

La Paz to Tholar (73km; 776m)
Tholar to Oruro (157km; 562m)
Oruro to 1 km before Huancane (92km; 251m)
1 km before Huancane to 4 km after Quillacas (76km; 265m)
4 km after Quillacas to 31 km before Salinas (60km; 390m)
31 km before Salinas to 1 km after Irpani (49km; 286m)
1 km after Irpani to Isla Incahuasi (59km; 309m)
Isla Incahuasi to San Juan (87km; 355m)
San Juan to 18 km after Chiguana (49km; 189m)
18 km after Chiguana to 24 km after Ollagüe (44km; 244m)
24 km after Ollagüe to 1 km after Ascotán (48km; 592m)
1 km after Ascotán to 1 km after Chiu Chiu (91km; 239m)
1 km after Chiu Chiu to Calama (33km; 50m)
Calama to San Pedro de Atacama (100m; 1334m)

In a whiz of electrical cobwebs and colour
La Paz is a whizzing mix-master laboriously combining two worlds: "the have" and "the have nots"...

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tip of the month December 2009Tip of the month: the best wet-weather gloves money can buy
Gloves that are so bulky its difficult to change gears; gloves that freeze your fingertips; and gloves that just simply aren't waterproof when they said they would be. We've tried them all until this tip passed down from Max to Kevin presented itself to us: So, here's the simple and affordable solution...

Any set of gloves; even your long fingered bike gloves will do for the inside layer and then cover them with a pair of industrial strength latex gloves. Stops the inside gloves from getting wet, so your hands stay warm and dry and gear changing is easy too.


La Paz (Bolivia) - near La Cebeda (Chile)
Kilometres: 1170 km. and 760 m.
Riding days: 17 only
Alti meters: 7674 metres up
Weather: sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun
Best accommodation: Hotel Aymara in Calama. Nice, modern, including wifi and breakfast, but at a price... of a staggering US$ 60 a night...

Special thanks to:
All well-wishers via e-mail , Twitter , Facebook & HyvesKevin for gifting us his Schwalbe Marathon XR • Gustavo at Gravity Bikes La Paz for fixing our bicycles • James for the company over the holidays...

01: rapidfire gearing replaced; axle front hub Ali breaks in two
09: flat tyre (Son)
18: flat tyre (Son)

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