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On the road . November 2009 . Peru

map route Peru and Bolivia

Chuquiago Café, La Paz, Bolivia, 03-12-09
Plenty of ups and downs

Huanta to Cusco
(10 cycle days; 4 rest days; 642km; 11122m)

Huanta to Ayacucho (48km; 706m)
Ayacucho to km 33 (33km; 1164m)
km 33 to 6km after Ocros (82km; 713m)
6km after Ocros to Chincheros (56km; 955m)
Chincheros to Talvavera (83km; 1425m)
Talvavera to 6km after Abra Huayllaccasa (49km; 1288m)
6km after Abra Huayllaccasa to Abancay (96km; 1036m)
Abancay to 5km after Curahuasi (75km; 1547m)
5km after Curahuasi to 9km after Limatambo (50km 1310m)
9km after Limatambo to Cusco (69km; 978m)

Snow-white mud
The uninterrupted climb out of Huanta lasts for 8 kilometres and 267 altimetres after which it flattens a little and then starts the up and down roll past a perfectly white backdrop. Even the mud used to build the houses in this region is white and such a contrast from the rich cerise tones of the last few days.

From turn-off Huamanguilla...

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tip of the month November 2009Tip of the Month: a more natural way of keeping the sandflies at bay
From Mexico and further on south through the Americas, sandflies can be an irritating problem. Ecuador and Peru especially have plague proportions in certain areas. One sure fire way of keeping these annoying little critters at bay is to purchase one of the local repellents.

Of course, these lotions contain plenty of chemicals and quite often high percentages of DEET, so if you want a more natural solution then why not try smearing a layer of baby oil on your unprotected skin. It really does work, though you will need to do this regularly throughout the day. Still, it can't harm you, and you end up with baby soft skin as well.


Huanta (Peru) - La Paz (Bolivia)
Kilometres: 1321 kilometres and 440 metres
Riding days: 18 in total
Alti meters: 15,763 meters up
Weather: too much rain, cold high up in the mountains
Best accommodation: Hospedaje Qoñi Wasi in Puno, Peru. Great room, WiFi, safe bike parking, use of kitchen and above all extremely friendly and helpful.

Special thanks to:
James and Kevin for a great time cycling from Cuzco to Copacabana and all the lovely diners (mainly pizza) and pub time. Keep practising pool and darts, boys! • John Denson at Serfas for replacing my bike gloves and sending them to an address in Chile at no cost • Sibylle Mueller at Katadyn for sending a replacement pump handle for our water filter to La Paz • Luisa and Cristian at Chuquiago Café in La Paz for receiving our mail for us and for the nice time we spent in the café.

07: flat trye Son (2x)
08: flat tyre Son
13: flat tyre Son (3x), Ali (1x)
14: flat tyre Ali (2x)
19: flat tyre Son
20: flat tyre Son
21: flat tyre Son
23: flat tyre Son

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