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On the road . May 2009 . Mexico and Central America

map route Central America

Internet cafe, León, Nicaragua, 26-05-09
Mexican moments

While we are glad that we cycled through to Palenque and gave ourselves the chance to experience a bit of the jungle greenery and traditional rural life Mexico has to offer, we are more than happy to leave the country. It has been a long arduous journey touring down the Pacific Coast and although there are a few interesting towns and quaint beach villages to visit, they are few and far between. Tourism has distorted much of Mexico and without a doubt, its growth will continue to destroy any cultural and bio-diversity currently present. Furthermore, the rubbish levels are something all Mexicans should be utterly ashamed of.

Northern Americans have had their effect on the country as well. Puerto Escondido is as perfect example as any yuppy beach retreat. As we cycle into town, two scantily clad Americans in bikinis tops and cut-off jeans ride their voluptuous flesh and loud mouths past on their just as conspicuous Harley. I mean, you only have to look around you to see that the local women don't dress like this; most Mexican girls swim fully clothed for goodness sake...

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hook it goodTip of the month: hook-it good

One or two of these can pull you out of a fix, when left with a bare wall and nowhere to attach the clothes line or mosquito net.

Usually there is a spot somewhere in the room or cabin that is made of wood perfect to fasten this screw hook in.


Palenque (Mexico) - Nicoya (Costa Rica)
Kilometres: 1961 kilometres and 780 metres: most kilometres in one month !
Riding days: 22 days of hard cycling
Alti meters: 14,246 meters up
Weather: it's getting hotter and wetter...
Best accommodation: Posada Los Angeles in Palenque, Mexico. Clean, big and airy for a small fee of 150 P.

Special thanks to:
The roadside mango sales woman for her delicious gift • Reynaldo for directing us to our hotel in Cojutepeque • The internet café owner in Quirigua for free use of his connection • Mary at American Express for the professional service provided.

02: bolt to hold Tubus rack breaks off (Ali)
06: back derailler cable breaks (Son)
07: front derailler cable breaks (Son)
07: Tubus rack eyelet breaks (Son; welded in Dangriga for 10 BZ$)
07: new tyre fitted (Ali)
12: flat (Ali)
15: front break cable breaks (Ali)
19: flat (Ali), flat (Son)
31: flat (Ali)

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