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On the road . April 2009 . Mexico

map route southern Mexico

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico, 18-04-09
San José del Progreso to San Cristóbal de las Casas
(10 cycle days; 3 rest days; 717km; 7591m)

San José del Progreso to Puerto Escondido (85 km; 340 m)
Puerto Escondido to San Pedro Pochutla (72 km; 591 m)
San Pedro Pochutla to Santiago Astata (113 km; 1405 m)
Santiago Astata to Salina Cruz (74 km; 903 m)
Salina Cruz to Juchitan de Zaragoza* (36 km; 100 m)
Juchitan de Zaragoza to Niltepec (53 km; 124 m)
Niltepec to Tapanatepec (53 km; 199 m)
Tapanatepec to Cintalapa (81 km; 1293 m)
Cintalapa to Chiapa de Corzo (97 km; 800 m)
Chiapa de Corzo to San Cristóbal de las Casas (53 m; 1836m)

You say goodbye and I say hello!
April the first and for some reason today feels like a new day. Green farmland spreads for miles though the crops haven't changed much from what we have seen before. Mostly papaya, mangoes, bananas, coconuts, plenty of cattle, braying donkeys, snorting pigs and gobbling turkeys too. The morning air is cool even though the sun is very hot. This has to be the best time to cycle. Even if there is no breeze, riding creates enough air flow to lose that...

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tip of the month April 2009Tip of the month: Handy velcrose straps

Whatever you call it: velcrose, rip-zip, or hook and loop, this haberdashery item is useful in many impromptu and permanent situations. We always have a supply of it in the sewing kit.

Most electrical cords come with a handy strap these days, but if they don't, it is easy enough to make your own. Not only this, but it can hold tins tight or be a temporary fastener if one of your bag buckles breaks. We have found that the latter works just as well as the clip and hence it is now a normal fixture on one of our Ortlieb back-rollers. Some even use these straps to tie their brake handles to the handle bar when parking their bike on a hill.


San José del Progreso - Palenque (Mexico)
Kilometres: 934 kilometres and 670 metres
Riding days: 13...
Alti meters: 10,387 metres
Weather: April 14: first day with rain (in San Cristóbal de las Casas) since El Rosario, Baja California on November 27, 2008 ! This month: from dry storms to thunderous rainstorms to hot and humid jungle.
Best accommodation: Roberto's Place! Great apartment with kitchen, living room and separate bedroom right in the middle of San Cristóbal de las Casas for 160P !

Special thanks to:
Ursula at Los Pinguïnos bike tours for showing me where to find a decent bike shop in San Cristóbal de las Casas • Paco @ Bicipartes for an exellent job building a seven speed cassette! • Ron for joining us for the off the beaten track route into Guatemala.

none !
Did have my (Ali's) bike serviced in San Cristóbal de las Casas:
new crankset, cassette and chain for the first time since... Tehran (22,000 km).

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