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On the road . February 2009 . Mexico

map route San Blas Mexico

Hotel Morelos, San Blas , Mexico, 01-03-09
San Blas to the San Blas Mercado and back again several times each week (0 cycle days; 0km; 0m)

Paying for it
We have watched the days whiz past this month and we are now feeling a little guilty for having sat put for yet another 30 days. It hasn't been a boring time at all: San Blas has had enough festivities throughout the month to last most people a full year. Besides, we have been ticking very hard away at the keyboard: fixing up our website; altering a couple of others; building a new one; and generally researching into how we can make travelling around the world on the bike pay just a little bit of its own way.

This means the extend of our exercise has been strolling round the town shopping, walking to the bakery, going out to the pizza restaurant once a week, getting up and down to make coffee, grab a beer or go to the bathroom. And the result of that is an expanded waistline, yep even on Ali, and the nagging urge to start cycling again. It is really time to go.

And the circus came to town...

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tip of the month February 2009Tip of the month: the bag bucket

Doing the laundry piece by piece under the shower is okay for a few washes, but sometimes, clothes just need a good old soaking in soapy water. Most camping cyclists will have some sort of foldable kitchen sink or bucket with them for this purpose, but what if you haven't?

Basically, a couple of strong plastic shopping bags will suffice. Only catch is you have to have somewhere to lean the bags up against. They do tend to be a bit unstable.


San Blas (Mexico)
Kilometres: zero
Riding days: nada
Alti meters: zilch
Weather: sun, sun, sun !!
Best accommodation: The one and only Hotel Morelos, San Blas

Special thanks to:
Therm-a-rest for the new mattress and the discount on the fitted sheets.

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