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On the road . March 2009 . Mexico

map route Pacific Coast Mexico

Hotel Bocana, Zihuatanejo, Mexico, 22-03-09
San Blas to Melaque (6 cycle days; 398km; 3847m)
San Blas to Las Varas (70 km; 438 m)
Las Varas to Sayulita (53 km; 426 m)
Sayulita to Puerto Vallarta (48 km; 385 m)
Puerto Vallarta to El Tuito (45 km; 1022 m)
El Tuito to Punta Perula (101 km; 619 m)
Punta Perula to Melaque (80 km; 957 m)

Words escape me as we euphorically pedal out of San Blas after our nine week break. It was great to have stayed at Hotel Morelos, met Magdelana, chatted with all the people coming and going, especially Peter and Ron towards the end of our stay, but boy oh boy, does it feel good to be back on the road.

The journey starts off very flat: a total blessing seeing as we are incredibly out of shape. After a couple of genuine little fishing villages, a winding tropical Highway 12 weaves us up and down little mountains that are not too steep nor too long, but in our condition see us panting quite a bit. Past luminous green banana palms, papaya trees and jackfruit limbs bulging with their hefty harvest...

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tip of the month March 2009Tip of the month: The next best thing

The NBT2 lockring remover has assisted us in fixing many a broken spoke in the last 32 months of travel and will continue to do so for the rest of our travels no doubt. Honestly, don't leave home without one!

After the first broken spoke, it gets easier and easier to use this cassette removal tool and to find out more about how the NBT2 works take a look at the M-gineering site. Ordering can be organised by sending an e-mail directly to the company, who will ship almost everywhere and they conveniently have a Paypal account as well.


San Blas - San José del Progreso (Mexico)
Kilometres: 1517 kilometres and 830 metres
Riding days: 19 this month !
Alti meters: 12,106 metres
Weather: sun, sun, sun and did I mention sun?
Best accommodation: It's a tie this month and for completely different reasons. Hotel Bocana in Zihuatanejo had a massive king sized bed in a clean and homely decorated room with hot water, air-co, cable tv and the biggest bonus off all: free wifi. All this for just 200 pesos. Hotel Del Angel in Acapulco on the other hand, had a million dollar view across the bay and city for 250 pesos as well as being neat, bright and also very clean.

Special thanks to:
Magdalena Martinez y Familia at Hotel Morelos San Blas for the nice presents when we finally left • Dentist Rafael Ramirez in San Blas for fixing our teeth.

06: new derailler cable (Ali)
12: flat (Ali)
15: flat (Ali)
16: replaced tyre (Ali)

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