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On the road . January 2009 . Mexico

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Hotel Morelos, San Blas , Mexico, 31-01-09
Slow start to the New Year

Santiago Ixcuintla to San Blas (1 cycle day; 43km; 39m)

I can't quite put my finger on what it is about mainland Mexico that makes it appealing. Road etiquette and rubbish levels certainly bring about the same daunting sentiment from our India experiences, so it can't be that. But the relaxed tropical feel reminiscent of Thailand; the ruralness of the countryside akin to Nepal; and a hospitality that, up until now, only the Iranians knew how to give, create a melting pot that you can't resist dipping your finger into.

Leaving Motel Lerma on the outskirts of Santiago Ixcuintla, we are amazed to feast our eyes on an exquisite mosaic mural running both lengths of the road. I think we are more surprised that we had not seen this yesterday, when we cycled into town. Just shows you how heavy traffic can distort your perception of things. Today is New Years Day and there is no-one but this intricate piece of artwork to escort us back into the city centre. We turn off onto cobble stone paths leading us through the poorer side of town before gravel tracks send us along canal irrigated farmland and ...

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Santiago Ixquintla - San Blas (Mexico)
44 kilometres and 920 metres
Riding days: just one! On January 1.
Alti meters: 39 metres
Weather: sunny, hot and sunny
Best accommodation: Hotel Morelos: bright, airy, clean rooms with television, fan and all the added extras that comes with staying in a hotel room: plus the use of a share kitchen and refridgerator.

Special thanks to:
All the guests at Hotel Morelos, who made our stay way more entertaining than if we had rented a private place by ourselves • Maria Magdelena, Patricia and the family at Hotel Morelos for their friendly hospitality • Arjen and Jan for the paradontax toothpaste; the big packet of Douwe Egberts coffee; and the company in San Blas.

seeing as we haven't cycled more than one day: none!

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