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On the road . December 2008 . Mexico

map route Baja California Mexico

Hotel Morelos, San Blas , Mexico, 04-01-09
From the muddy depths of Lake Guerrero Negro to the Sea of Cortez

Guerrero Negro to Mulegé: (4 cycle days; 287km; 1681m)

Guerrero Negro to Vizcaíno (75 km; 150 m)
Vizcaíno to San Ignacio (71 km; 329 m)
San Ignacio to Santa Rosalía (80 km; 768 m)
Santa Rosalía to Mulegé (62 km; 434 m)

When Ali wakes up singing zippy-dee-doodah; plays eeney-meanie-miney-mo with his tortillas and then places the kitchen sink over his head like a shower cap, I know we could be in for a kooky sort of morning. I think he's just happy to be taking a couple of days off in this inconspicuous, water-logged town: known only for its enormous salt refinery and close proximity to the whale watching site at Scammon's Lagoon. For us though, it is the first half-civilised camping spot on the Baja to date.

The downpours we recently experienced hit here big time as well, turning vacant lots into lakes and side roads into wellington boot territory. There's no sign of rain now though as our complete summer wardrobe dries between the date palms and we shade from cloudless skies...

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Ortlieb coffee filterTip of the month: for those that can't live without real coffee!

Everyday is a new day and we like to start it with a decent caffeine fix. Not being lovers of the instant varieties, we purchased an Ortlieb Coffee Filter Holder early on in our camping career.

It is really lightweight, folds completely flat and all you need are No 4 filter papers, a couple of chopsticks and real coffee of course. We can't fault the simplicity of this kitchen addition and we wouldn't be without it. Mmmmm...fresh coffee every morning: one of the little luxuries we just don't want to give up!


Guerrero Negro (Baja California) - Santiago Ixquintla (Mexico)
Kilometres: 1477 kilometers and 430 meters
Riding days: 18 days
Alti meters: 9796 meters only...
Weather: sunny and hot for most of the time
Best accommodation: Hotel Lerma in Mazatlan; big, bright, colourful airy room in very relaxed hotel with laid-back atmosphere.

Special thanks to:
Steve for the new tubes • Hiro for the travelling companionship from Loreto to La Paz • Susan and Marcus for the surprise and very useful Christmas gift • Dennis Fuller for the insight into Baja plant-life • The guy who stopped roadside to give us some of his oranges.

12: flat tyre Son
13: flat tyre Son
20: flat tyre Ali
21: flat tyre Son
22: flat tyre Son
31: replaced back tyre Ali

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