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On the road . June 2008 . Japan and South Korea

map route Japan and South Korea

Blue Backpackers [website] Busan, Korea, 19-06-08
Another island, another Japan

Hashimoto to Motoyama
(4 cycling days; 2.5 hour ferry trip; 228km; 2654m)

Hashimoto to near Sanagouchi (66 km; 192 m)
near Sanagouchi to near Koyadaira (38 m; 701 m)
near Koyadaira to Okuiya Kazurabashi (41 km; 1216 m)
Okuiya Kazurabashi to Motoyama (82 km; 545 m)

We rise to the sound of one particularly happy little bird, chirping its head off and darting radically around in the vicinity of our tent. Fly-fishermen are off in the distance. It’s Sunday and the sun is stinking hot, even at 7 in the morning. The 52 km cycle trip, basically sticking in and around the No 24 highway, is pretty straight forward and the ferry terminal, just outside Wakayama, is clearly signposted the moment we enter the city’s outskirts.

Being the last day of the weekend and quite often the only day off for the Japanese, everyone is out and about: busy absorbing themselves in their extra curricular activities. I have to say, the Japanese are pretty fanatical about anything and everything they choose to do...

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Hashimoto (Japan) - Sinlim (South Korea)
1159 kilometers and 700 meters
Riding days: 18 in all
Alti meters: 11,293 !!!!
Weather: few days of dry, few days of wet
Best accommodation: Motoyama (Shikoku, Japan); camping provided by the council. For being scenic, peaceful, well equipped, clean and all that for nothing.

Special thanks to:
Sony Busan, for ordering our new keyboard and delivering it to Seoul. Also for cleaning our cybershot for free!! • Hoam Chul Lee for welding Son's eyelet back on her bike for zero Won • G-zone in Goesan for the free internet • The bicycle museum in Sangju for the drinks :-) • All Koreans who overloaded us with gifts (be it beer, water, juices or fruit) along the way !

04: broken spoke (Son)
16: ot workig o keyboard otebook... !! *
20: eyelet broken and welded (Son)
24: flat (Ali)
25: 2 broken spokes (Ali)
30: flat (Son), spoke (Ali)... never ending story... (see July...)
* the 'n' was not working anymore...

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