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On the road . July 2008 . South Korea and Canada

map route South Korea and Canada

Kim's Guesthouse [website] Seoul, Korea, 14-07-08
This has to take the gradient cake

Sinlim to Seoul (7 cycle days; 1 rest day; 574km; 6373m)
Sinlim to near Seoseok (94 km; 981 m)
near Seoseok to Seorakdong (65 km; 1257 m)
Seorakdong to near Yomi (95 km; 1362 m)
near Yomi to near Woncheon (62 km; 850 m)
near Woncheon to Dongmak (84 km; 1161 m)
Dongmak to Munsan (117 km; 505 m)
Munsan to Seoul (58 km; 257 m)

It's raining as the alarm goes off and like a couple of lazy bums, we just turn over in our sleeping bags. By 8.30am it has nearly stopped, though mist covers everything in sight. Not too promising, but we take off anyway. It's hot and sticky and we are immediately going up to the top of a small pass. A coffee vending machine is conveniently waiting for us to put our money in the slot at the top and we recuperate over a delicious cup of strong milk coffee. A curious shop owner comes out to chat. He speaks pretty good English and after finding out about what the dickens we are doing on bikes in Korea, he bids us farewell with "Take Care"...

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foldable TupperwareTip of the month: A FlatOut Tupperware Treat

The Tupperware FlatOut™ 3-Cup Container has come in so handy during our travels, that we thought we had better share the secret with everyone. They are expandable airtight containers that flatten to a disc for easy lightweight transport when not in use. There are different sizes but we found the 3-cup (700ml) variety to be the best for us. Being expandable, also means it has three different sizes for storing the left over rice dinner or salad that can be enjoyed the next day while on the road. Just take a look at the storage section on the Tupperware site for more details. Shouldn't be too difficult finding a Tupperware supplier near you.


Sinlim (South Korea) - Hope (BC, Canada)
1288 kilometers and 90 meters
Riding days: 15 in total
Alti meters: 11424 meters up!
Weather: hot in Korea, chilly in Canada
Best accommodation: We are in split minds on this one:
Sombrio Beach; Our Victorian Basement Abode and The Vancouver Suite.

Special thanks to:
The Korean Police force who allowed Ali to use their telephone and internet. Also for pointing us in the right direction of a camp spot on more than one occasion • Never thought we'd be saying this: but Sony for their great customer service in Seoul and Busan • Mary at Air Canada for allowing our bikes on free of handling charges • Jeremy at HK's Bicycleitis in Victoria for finally doing a decent spoke job on Ali's back wheel • In no particular order: Marty, Anthony, James and Jonathan for the Victorian basement abode, warm showers, use of their washing machine, kitchen and above all showing us what it's like to really party! • James for just being a truly genuine guy! • Wayne for the escort along Marine Drive and into the heart of Vancouver • Nathan and Tina from Cascade designs for organising a swap-over Therm-a-Rest mattress without any hassles at all • Shannon for being a truly genuine gal, taking us out and around Vancouver and letting us bed up in her apartment. A big and special thanks to Jill too for giving up her bedroom space for us to sleep in • Lincoln at bicycles for repacking the bearings in my front wheel for nicks and the great discount on the parts we purchased.

01: tent pole snapped
02: broken spoke (Ali)
03: 2 broken spokes (Ali)
08: broken spoke (Ali)
23: rear wheel respoked (Ali)
27: new tyre (Ali)

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