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On the road . April 2008 . Thailand

map route Thailand

Farang Bar, Chumpon, Thailand, 17-04-08
Here, have everything you need: the island sellout

Life's a Beach: at least that's what they say and I suppose in a way they are right. At least thousands of western tourists think so every year as they flock to this island to soak up the sun, sand, sea and partying atmosphere. In all fairness, it has been pretty relaxing, just lying in the hammock, reading and contemplating the wonderful skies over the ebb and flow of the Mae Haad waters, but after a couple of weeks we are more than ready to move on. Unfortunately, Ko Phangan doesn't quite have what it takes to keep us engrossed for much longer. The attitude of local business is consumed entirely by the colour of your money, even though you'll have conversations with owners that say otherwise. The smile is typically correlative with the amount of cash you spend or how 'big' you can note yourself in society in general and that does become a little tiring after a while.

Prices are severely inflated. The best example being an hours internetting for 120 baht. In tourist areas on the mainland it is on average 40 baht and in the regular Thai town it is not much more than 10 baht...

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postcard decisionTip of the month: decision by postcard

This tip is from John and Linda and although it may sound a bit strange, postcards can actually help you make your mind up as to which sights you want visit and which ones you might like to avoid.

The logic behind this is as follows: if you are in two minds about visiting a museum or a particular attraction, then go to the nearest postcard rack and check out what they show off as the main features. This way you can get an indication of what's in store and whether it's something for you to visit or not.


Ko Phangan - Bangkok (Thailand)
948 kilometers and 550 meters
Riding days: 15 out of 30 this month
Alti meters: 3708 meters
Weather: man, it's hot !
Best accommodation: Our brilliantly, fabulous apartment in the middle of Bangkok, near Khao San Road and at the Ratchadamnun Condominium kindly offered to us by Pedal Revolution. Thanks guys!!

Special thanks to:
John and Linda for the comfortable bed in a mosquito free environment, the delicious breakfasts and the remeniscent conversations about everything and anything to do with travelling • Taxi driver 36062 for escorting us around to all the hotels in Kra Buri, Ranong Province • Pedal Revolution for the generous offer of using their Bangkok apartment. We can't tell you how much we enjoyed our stay there. After 21 months on the road, it was just simply fabulous to have such a comfy environment, a fridge and so much room you could swing a few dozen cats around in it (not that we tried that out).

09: flat tyre (Son)
12: broken spoke (Son)
12: replaced back tyre (Son)
22: 3x broken spokes (Ali)
26: 1x broken spoke (Ali): damn, damn, damn and double damn!

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