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On the road . March 2008 . Malaysia and Thailand

map route Malaysia and Thailand

Ideal Travellers' House, K.Bharu Malaysia, 11-03-08
The mini Ardennes

Kota Tinggi to Pantai Cherating
(4 cycling days; 1 rest day; 346 km; 1159 m)
Kota Tinggi to Mersing (94 km; 575 m)
Mersing to Kuala Rompin (63 km; 231 m)
Kuala Rompin to Pekan (89 km; 52 m)
Pekan to Cherating (100 km; 301 m)

Just one of those lack lustre days, I guess: we both haven't had much sleep and we can blame the television programmers for putting Gordon Ramsey's 'Hell's Kitchen' on from 12 to 1am for that. Furthermore, the weather is not looking too good. Consequently, after 10 kilometres or so, we find ourselves sheltering under a dilapidated vegetable stand for the best part of an hour, wishing that we had just stayed in bed. It's already 11am before we get back on the road and there's still a considerable amount of kilometres to make before the day is over.

From here on in, the rain never really stops spitting at us and the undulating road conditions quickly wear our legs and our patience out...

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wet bootsTip of the month: wet boots!

It's all a bit of a common sense thing really, but seeing as we had to use this antidote yet again, after the skies opened up on us in Malaysia, we thought we'd share it with you too:

Basically, if your shoes are wet, stuff them full (and I do mean to the brim), with tightly screwed up balls of newspaper. The paper absorbs the moisture quite quickly, so be sure to check them after a few hours and see if you need to replace the wet with fresh paper. Furthermore, if they are not completely dry the next day and you have to wear them, then line them with a few pages of neatly folded newspaper. Much better than wet socks, I can tell you and helps dry them out as well.


Kota Tinggi (Malaysia) - Ko Phangan (Thailand)
1253 kilometers and 190 meters
Riding days: 15 riding days
Alti meters: 2271 meters
Weather: warm, humid and monsoon-like rains through to perfect blue skies and a sun to completely swelter under
Best accommodation: Mae Haad View Resort: for still having basic, affordable bungalows with beach views and especially seeing as the rest of the strip has not only gone up-market but adopted an air of arrogance that is unjustifiably on par with the high price tag.

Special thanks to:
Gerry and Shoko, once again, for giving us their Japan Lonely Planet Guidebook.

01: flat tyre (Ali)
04: broken spoke (Ali)
08: broken spoke (Ali)
08: replaced back tyre (Ali)
10: broken spoke (Ali)...a bit worrying really
16: broken spoke x3 (Ali x2 / Son x1)...more than worrying :-(
16: flat tyre (Son)
18: broken spoke (Ali)...finally worked out that the tension is up the creek

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