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On the road . February 2008 . Nepal, Malaysia and Singapore

map route Nepal and Malaysia

Cyber café, Melaka, Malaysia, 20-02-08
The perfect time to go

Kathmandu to Melaka
2 (+1 hour) cycling days; a 4 hour flight; 154km; 591m

Kathmandu to Salak Tinggi (15 km; 18 m)
Salak Tinggi to Port Dickson (52 km; 275 m)
Port Dickson to Melaka (87 km; 298 m)

Our bikes are ready to be picked up on Monday 4 and they are just perfect. Meanwhile, we have done the sightseeing stuff: Durbar Square, Monkey Temple etc; generally wandered round town, caught up with a couple of friends, Ken and Rupa, who are presently living in Kathmandu; bought a few pressies for the family and ourselves and booked my bus ticket to Varanasi. I make the side trip the following day and will get back to Kathmandu on Sunday 10, just 4 days before we fly to Kuala Lumpur.

It's still uncomfortably cold in the evenings, when I return to Kathmandu; the days are a little brighter, so we manage a cycle trip into the valley with John, who we met in Agra, and Beate, a sport and music enthusiast from Germany...

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pillow stabiliserTip of the month: pillow equipment stabiliser

It was always a toss up whether we would take a pillow along or not on this trip. Comfort won out and amazingly enough, the super small and lightweight Yeti pillow gives just that little bit of angled support that it really does makes all the difference to your night's sleep.

And, as time went on we found a dual role for this little creature comfort... After trying all sorts of foam padding, which works well, but does take up a lot of space, I now pack my camera in the pillow, which fits perfectly double folded around the equipment, in my handlebar bag.


Kuala Lumpur - Kota Tinggi (Malaysia)
522 kilometers and 600 meters
Riding days: 8 days only
Alti meters: 1765 meters
Weather: apart from the cold evenings in Kathmandu: hot, hot, hot!
Best accommodation: Patterson Guesthouse in Singapore :-)

Special thanks to:
Sonam Gurung at Dawn Till Dusk in Kathmandu for taking such good care of our bicycles • John for all the lengthy conversations during out stay @ Yellow House and here's hoping that we'll meet up again somewhere on the bike path • The staff at Yellow House for their abundant friendliness • Mark for being a true blue Ozzie bloke with a slight Indian tilt :-) • Yeti Airlines for allowing our bikes on for free after a 'misunderstanding' over the airport departure tax fee... • Allan Goh from Transit Budget Hotel in Kota Warisan for not only helping us order our great meal at the local Thai restaurant but for generously settling the bill as well • Marlene and Victor for cycling with us, sharing several nasi goreng lunches and diners as well as a couple of great discussions over an evening beer • Gerry and Shoko for generously letting us stay at their condo for 5 days in Singapore; use of the internet, white fluffy towels, washing machine and all those things you miss when on the road; showing us all their favourite restaurants; allowing Ali on the dragonboat team; and for the super conversations. Good luck in France guys!

04: In Kathmandu, we had our first major overhaul on the bikes since leaving The Netherlands. Son got new wheels, cassette, crank set, chain, brake blocks, seat, pedals, tube and fresh cable housing. Ali changed his wheels, brake blocks, pedals, brake cable and housing as well. And with a full service on the bikes, they are like new again! Thanks again Sonam!
12: flat tyre (Son)
16: flat tyre (Son)

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