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On the road . December 2007 . India and Nepal

map route India and Nepal

Broad Band Café, East Gate Road, Agra 16-12-07
At a standstill

We have certainly had our fair share of 'being stranded' during this trip but we never thought for a moment that it would be in India and that it would also be so unclear as to when we can depart for new frontiers. But that's just how wrong you can be, because we are still in Agra and waiting quite impatiently for me to get fit enough to cycle on. It has been 6 weeks, 1 day and 7 hours, but who's counting, and though it's colossally frustrating: waiting for your body to heal itself and not knowing when that might be, we are pretty well succeeding in keeping ourselves occupied.

Our justifiable web design business is a definite hit which is great for us and the people we are doing business for. In a nutshell, is based on one simple principle: the belief that whoever you are, wherever you are, you should be able to afford to have a web site. We would like to make our specialty 'helping customers from countries where internet is not as developed as the western world.' And while the world-wide rumour has been spread that India is this up and coming power...

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Thermarest chairTip of the month: Therm-a-rest chair: not just a campers best friend!

Time to give Therm-a-rest a plug. Not only have we experienced some of the most curtious and quick remedy service but their Lite Chair kit has become a faithful friend even away from the campsite. For long term camping fanatics, they are a must and the dilema of "which position to sit in next" is solved immediately. The chair, being filled with your thermarest matress is also insulated and will provide a warm comfortable seat in the most uncomfortable of places. Outside the camping field, we have used them in hotel rooms without chairs or with seats that we didn't dare put our bums on. But it truly outdid itself when I recently had back problems: it supplied me with a very supportive, back-relaxing seat.


Agra (India) - Mahendranagar (Nepal)
Kilometres: 368 kilometres and 63 metres
Riding days: 6
Alti meters: 436 metres
Weather: sunny days; cold evenings
Best accommodation: Hotel Rama Palace in Philibhit

Special thanks to:
All the folks here in Agra that keep asking how 'madam' is doing • Adriaan for keeping the Dutch tax office happy ;-) • The Hartland family for the delicious cup of coffee and conversation at their farm near Banbasa and their generous gift of oranges, chocolate and cake for our journey • Simon & Pierre Yves, Niall, Sandra, Molly and Julie & Ian: for all the kilometres we spend travelling together in 2007. It was great fun! • Family, friends and fellow travellers who have taken the time and effort to keep in contact with us this year. We really enjoy keeping in touch and sincerely appreciate it. Thanks! • Very special wishes for 2008 to everyone visiting our Tour site.

23: flat tyre (Ali)
27: split in tyre (Ali)

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