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On the road . January 2008 . Nepal

map route Nepal

Internet Café, Kohalpur, Nepal, 07-01-08
Madam, welcome to Nepal!

Mahendranagar to Thakurdwara - Bardia National Park
(2 cycle days; 154 km; 332 m)

Mahendranagar to Sukhad (88 km; 161 m)
Sukhad to Thakurdwara (66 km; 171 m)

Mahendranagar is a small but lively town with incredibly friendly people, a few excruciatingly slow internet connections, plenty of delicious chowmein eateries, samosa, pakora and peanut sellers and an ATM machine dishing out Nepali rupees with no problems at all: Nabil Bank - just off the main road on line 3 - we think, but it's not too hard to find. I wander around entering little shops asking the prices of everything while Ali battles the sluggish connection. I pull quite a crowd of youngsters in one place and when I leave a guy asks why I have asked how much things are, without buying anything. I say that it's my way of finding out what the true price of products is. He replies "We are Nepali not Indians." I thought it summed up our first impressions of Nepal very nicely.

We end up staying in this quaint little place for New Year, though I was snoozing right up until...

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reflectorTip of the month: recycled reflectors

Anyone who has travelled in Asia will have seen this numerous times before:

Old cd's used as bicycle reflectors. I only use one on the back of my Ortlieb dumpsack which I think is enough, but I've seen wheel spokes completely filled with discs. Another popular spot is to attach one behind the usual back red reflector for added visibility. I made a custom ripzip (velcrose) strap so I can attach it to my ocky straps or anywhere else on my luggage.


Mahendranagar - Kathmandu (Nepal)
Kilometres: 988 kilometers exactly
Riding days: 15 days in the saddle
Alti meters: 9324 meters
(including our longest uphill climb so far: to Daman / 56 km / 2150 altimeters)
Weather: generaly clear (except Pokhara) and cold...
Best accommodation: Bardia Jungle Cottage, Bardia National Park

Special thanks to:
All of you wishing us the best for the new year & all the support we've received during our one-and-a-half year trip so far!

02: rear brake cable (Ali)
15: fixed slow leak (Ali)
25: spoke (Ali)

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