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On the road . November 2007 . India

map route India

Broad Band Café, East Gate Rd, Agra 17-11-07
What a nerve!

So, after two-and-a-half weeks, it is well and truly time for a new update on our site. Because Son is still recuperating from her trapped nerve (sciatica), we are still in Agra. We spend our time reading, internetting, enhancing our websites, eating out and stretching the legs and muscles (Son that is). Things haven't been easy though...

She has been in great pain and the process of getting her lower back into shape has been a long and grinding one. After one-and-a-half weeks she ran out of pain killers and decided that it was time to try and do without. She was gaining mobility and the signs were looking good. The last week however, has been a real setback, the pain hasn't receded and her movements haven't got any smoother either. Since we have been in Agra for so long, everybody on the street now knows who we are, where we are staying, where we eat and what we do. And they all know something about relieving Sonya's pain: be it the best bone doctors in Agra, the best warm packs and liniments to use or the best exercise to practice; Agra is full of helpful advising citizens. Still, internet has been our most useful source up till now...

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shower capsTip of the month: multi purpose shower cap

And you always thought that a shower cap was nothing more than to keep grandma's hair dry while she was in the shower. Well you are wrong... Of course, grandma still uses hers, but cyclists can make use of them too.

Perfect for keeping your seat dry while you're not sitting on it. For extra waterproof on your handlebar bag and even your day bag in a downpour. Available world wide for almost nothing in an amazing assortment of colours.


Agra (India)
Kilometres: zero
Riding days: zilch
Alti meters: none whatsoever
Weather: hazy, mostly with very cool evenings
Best accommodation: Hotel Sheela Agra for their friendly staff

Special thanks to:
Pierre-Yves for the Nepal LP! • Mr. Deep for his translations of the Jagran newspaper articles (read them here) and the cups of tea during pleasant afternoon discussions. Also for setting up a second meeting with the Agra press corp in Hotel Taj PlazaHotel Taj Plaza for a very nice evening and a free meal • Hotel Sheela for lending Sonya the "police wallah" stick over our lengthy stay & the friendly atmosphere.

no kilometres: no breakdowns !

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