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On the road . October 2007 . India

map route India

Ajay Guesthouse [website] Delhi 06-10-07
Completely sikh of it all - one last chance

(Chandigarh to Delhi: 2 cycle days; 264km; 170 m)
Chandigarh to Kurukshetra (96 km; 74 m)
Kurukshetra to Delhi (168 km; 96 m)

The next couple of days almost do it for us in India and there's some serious thinking to be done when we finally make it into Delhi. The road is flat all the way. The weather is hot and dusty. The traffic is appalling and the people impatiently unfriendly. Again, we have to fight for our lives with every single vehicle that passes us, be it from the front or behind. Not one person on the way to Kurukshetra lets us in, gives us precedence, even when we have the right of way. They incessantly honk on their horns, which is infuriatingly deafening. Some guy runs me off the road with his four wheel drive on a dirt track detour and I ball him out big time, though it makes no difference what you say, how much you yell, what sort of names you call them, they just laugh at you. Even the police do sod-all. We've actually caught them spinelessly hiding behind their police car, while screaming at some inconsiderate, life threatening stunt driver...

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spare parts IndiaTip of the month: Take your spares to India!

Although we only travelled in the north of India, we imagine that finding specific parts is difficult all over the subcontinent and even though there is a bike shop to be found in the smallest of villages. Any of the cycle bazaars in the bigger towns had only kit bikes and everything was of a pretty poor quality or completely different sizing to our mountain bikes. No car tyre or French valves on their tubes either, so if that's your fancy then bring them along with you. As consolation, there is a chain of Firefox Bike Stations throughout India, stocking Trek bikes and associated parts, so this could be an option in the future.


Chandigarh - Agra (India)
Kilometres: 1065 kilometers and 520 meters
Riding days: 11 days only
Alti meters: 2033 meters
Weather: sun, haven't seen a cloud yet this month!
Best accommodation: The Cocoon in Jaipur. Clean, helpfull and the best food so far.

Special thanks to:
All those drivers of cars, trucks, buses, tractors and motorcycles who didn't try to push us off the road... • All citizens of Gangapur, but especially Shahid Ahemed, who offered to help us when we needed it most • Doctors Lelit Pathak, Mohit Kumal, C.M.O. R.L. Sharma and all the staff at SN Medical College in Agra for taking such good care of us.

02: flat tyre (Son)
11: 3 spokes (all at once...)(Son)
12: 2 spokes (1x Son, 1x Ali)
13: 5 flat tyres (4x Son, 1x Ali)
17: flat tyre (Ali)
26: spoke (Ali), flat tyre (Son)

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