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On the road . April 2007 . Turkey and Iran

map route Turkey and Iran

Internet Cafe, Fethiye, Turkey 04-04-07
Mountains and minarets
Muğla to Doğubayazıt
(5 cycle days; 3 rest days; 2 bus trips; 357km; 3991m)

Muğla to Köyceğiz (64km; 445m)
Köyceğiz to Fethiye (78km; 1025m)
Fethiye to Kinik (70km; 1489m)
Kinik to Korkuteli (89km; 802m)
Korkuteli to Antalya (55km; 230m)
Antalya to Göreme (by bus)
Göreme to Doğubayazıt (by bus)

Turkey in general

The trip is tough, but we take it easy: stopping regularly to recuperate from the hill climbing and take in water due to the gloriously warm day. The views are rugged and natural and we are surprised at the sheer ruralness of Turkey. Every little village has several corner stores selling exactly the same thing and a mosque. The shops are cheap but very limited. Fresh fruit and vegetables are hard to come by, except from local farmers on the side of the road or by asking at restaurants...
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cleaning  water bottles with denture tablets Tip of the month: Keeping the water bottle fresh!
There's nothing worse than musty flavoured water and here's two ways to keep your water bottle a little fresher. While big name brands do sell "special" tablets to clean their bottles, they are at a ridiculous price. Denture cleaning tablets, on the other hand, are not and you can usually obtain them from either a well stocked supermarket or pharmacy.

Fill the bottle almost to the top and pop a tablet in and allow to soak overnight. Empty and rinse a few times with fresh water the next day. You can also use the denture cleaning powder: it does exactly the same job. Another way to keep your water tasting good is to squeeze just a little bit of fresh lemon juice into your bottle. You don't need much to get the desired taste and it is especially good for those of you who don't like drinking water. Adds a bit of an edge, while keeping the water bottle fresh.


Muğla (Turkey) - Tehran (Iran)
1339 kilometes and 380 meters
Riding days: 15
Alti meters: 8438 meters
Weather: mixed bundle: from snow and hail storms, full on wind and rain to beautiful sunny days
Best accommodation: Rock Valley Pension in Göreme for the best facilities (too numerous to mention), friendly staff and beautiful surroundings

Special thanks to:
Gökhan, Nasibe & Oğuzhan for letting us stay at their house • Kanik Bisiklet in Antalya for the (free!) spare bike parts • Simone & Pierre Yves again for being a couple of nice guys and spending their last nights with us in Turkey • All the Iranian people who overloaded us with drinks, cookies, lollies, tea, chocolate bars, bread, crisps, apples, mandarines and even petrol on two occassions, during our travels from the Turkish border to Tehran •, a Cafenet in Qazvin for offering us free internet • Those who stopped their cars and motorcycles to welcome us to Iran

07: Sony Cybershot taken in for cleaning again!
14: new chains fitted on both bikes in Doğubayazıt
16: new chains fitted again on both bikes in Doğubayazıt...
21: spoke Ali + spoke Son
22: chain repair Son (buckled)
23: tent pole (no. 4)

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