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On the road . March 2007 . Turkey

map route Turkey

Mavi Guesthouse [website] Istanbul, 20-03-07
No cycling days yet
So, we've decided to leave our hide-out in Istanbul this coming Friday. After almost 7 weeks in Mavi Guesthouse, the bus will take us to Selçuk and we'll start peddling from there. A little bit quieter on the roads than here in Istanbul and better for Son to exercise and get her ankle back into shape.

Jimmy's Place, Selçuk, 24-03-07
Still, no cycling days yet
After a twelve hour bus ride we arrive in Selçuk this morning and stumbled to Jimmy's Place / Artemis Guesthouse for a well earned sleep. This will be our residence for the next few days and we'll try to get on our bikes again after a long rest from them. Son definitely needs the practice; her ankle is not anywhere near 100%.

An Internet Cafe, Fethiye, 04-04-07
Mixed feelings
It's been a month since I last wrote anything. Mainly because I haven't been in much of a mood for writing and my fractured ankle was playing heavily on my mind...

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wet ones Tip of the month: for those times without a shower

After a sweaty day's cycling, there's nothing like a hot shower. Unfortunately, you don't always stop where there is a shower, let alone a convenient water supply. This is when a packet of hand, face or body wipes, available the world over, comes in handy. These days they come in a variety of packet sizes, but usually 2 or 3 sheets are enough for a quick refreshing clean. Use more of course, if you are really feeling grotty. While you can't wash your hair with them, they really do make you feel cleaner and fresher.

Also, when you are on touring stretches that do not have much water available, they can be useful for wiping down your cooking pans and plates before rinsing them with a just little water.


Istanbul (Turkey) - Muğla (Turkey)
125 kilometers and 670 meters !!!
Riding days: 3
Alti meters: 1224 meters
Weather: very nice indeed, summer is coming!!
Best accommodation: Mavi Guesthouse (again)

Special thanks to:
The Staff: Cevim, Yacine, Seyfi, Can & Ali at Mavi Guesthouse for taking such good care of us & keeping us totally entertained for seven weeks • Gineke for giving us a call :-) • The Fietsenmaker and Postmasters in Arnhem and the Wandelwinkel in Deventer for their assistance and handling speed • Rabobank Arnhem for their fantastic customer service • Ibrahim at the Istanbul Paket Merkezi in Topkapi for finding our parcel • Family, friends and wereldfietsers for all the well wishes for the recovery of Sonya's ankle • Gökhan, his wife Nasibe and their son Oğuzhan for making us feel so welcome, feeding us some delicious Turkish food and giving up their beds for us to sleep in

none at all, but considering the mileage that's pretty much expected

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