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On the road . November 2006 . Spian and France

map route Spain and France

Catja's place, Dénia, Spain 07-11-06
Missing the perfect riding conditions

Granada to Denia
(5 cycle days; 2 rest days; 542km; 4801m)

Granada to Parc Natural Sierra de Baza (95km; 1458m)
Parc Natural Sierra de Baza to Águilas (150km; 857m)
Águilas to Isla Plana (70km; 863m)
Isla Plana to Santa Pola (112km; 686m)
Santa Pola to Dénia (121km; 937m)

Cycling All Saints Day
It is the first of November and time to move on again. We've seen the sights of Granada and done all the shopping we needed to do. Even if we had of wanted to spend more time here, we would have had to find alternative accommodation: the campsite is closing for the season as well. Off we head towards Cartagena near the coast. We think it will take us five cycling days to get to Dénia, just north of Alicante, to visit Sanne's mum - Catja - and pick up a parcel with some well needed equipment. As early as our bodies will allow us, we get up along with most of the other campsite residents, pack all our belongings and hit the streets of Granada...

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bungie cordsTip of the month: Bungy cords of a different type
In England about 12 years ago, we found the bungy cords - ocky straps to some Ozzies - that we are still using to this day. They are made with a plastic mould clip which is virtually indestructable. The advantage over the commom stretch cord with wirehooks is that it doesn't bend out of shape, rust or make unwelcome holes in your luggage. We made our own this time round and the separate components can be purchased from Bike4Travel should you want to try them out.

Other uses include:
Winding two together and stretched between posts to make a great washing line that doesn't need pegs. Another bonus is they don't damage trees. You can also use them to secure your bikes to railings on boats and trains.


Granada (Spain) - La Roquette sur Siagne (France)
1878 kilometers and 810 meters
Riding days: 19 days
Alti meters: 11987 meters
Weather: in general pleasent post-summer weather, with stormy autumn winds every now and again.
Best accommodation: Bella Vista in Aguilas / International de Calonge
Bella Vista for it's pleasant 'sala convivio' and the bottle of wine when leaving; Calonge for their heated toilet blocks and 24 hour reception.

Special thanks to:
Catja & Robert for the warm welcome and allowing us to stay for a few days • Bente Lund at Helsport for replacing our tent poles without a fuss and just their brilliant customer service in general. Thanks, it has been much appreciated • Again a big thanks to the Thermarest guys: this time Richard Alvira at Prowind organised a replacement in Barcelona in a flash • Also, thumbs up to Angel at GR Zero on Travessera de Gràcia 132 in Barcelona who swapped it over and opened the shop up during siesta hours • Gineke for the so very much appreciated correspondence, enthusiasm and words of support throughout the trip so far

11: back derailler cable broken (Ali)
12: replace back and front brake blocks (Son and Ali)
12: bubble in Therm-a-rest mattress (replaced on 17th)
13: pick up cybershot camera from Sony repair shop
18: new raincoat (Son) the old one just didn't work anymore
18: back bike rack replaced (Son)
20: fixed loose ball bearings in front wheel axle (Son)
24: around this date, leak in Ali's Therm-a-rest (NO, not again!?!?)

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