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On the road . October 2006 . Portugal and Spain

map route Portugal and Spain

Internet Café, Torre del Mar 27-10-2006
A different sort of coast
Peniche to Olhão
(7 cycle days; 3 rest days; 480km; 3726m)

Peniche to Ericeira (62km; 718m)
Ericeira to Lisbon (51km; 635m)
Lisbon to Setubal (51km; 358m)
Setubal to Porto Covo (96km; 490m)
Porto Covo to Lagos (116km; 911m)
Lagos to Armação de Pêra (42km; 263m)
Armação de Pêra to Olhão (62km; 351m)

Moments of madness
Peniche to Ericeira (62km; 718m)
was a hell's day of riding. I could have handled the steepness of the hills, the gale force headwinds or even the arrogant, road-greedy truck drivers that continually pushed us off the side or drove so close that you got sucked along in their stream. Very scary stuff indeed. But when it began to pour with rain going up the 12%, hill just before reaching our destination, I had had it! I screamed as loud and as hard as I could. I let everything out and it's these times that you begin wondering what the dickens you are doing...

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tip of the month October 2006 Tip of the month: feed the ants don't kill them

Want to be sure that the ants won't raid your tent? Then give them something to eat too. A couple of sugar lumps (or anything sweet really) placed at a distance from the tent will keep the neighbourhood ants occupied for the length of your stay.

Ziplock bags are also pretty good for keeping pests out of your food supplies too. Though not completely full-proof, you can also hang your sugary food items from the middle of a washing line in a sealed plastic bag. Similarly placing the jar or opened packet of sweet food in a lid or pan full of water will also stop ants from attacking.

Peniche (Portugal) - Granada (Spain)
Kilometres: 1306 kilometers and 380 metres
Riding days: 17
Alti meters: 9371 metres
Weather: on and off sun, rain, wind, sun, more rain, drizzle.
Best accommodation: Camping Olhão, equipped with really good facilities, friendly staff and local prices.

Special thanks to:
Tiago in Lisbon for welding Ali's bike (for free)! • Paul at DataEME in Benfica Lisbon for the free service on our computer so that we can now wifi where we like • Jan & Meta for the exchange of travel stories and a drink in El Rocio • Piet-Hein & Sarah for the bar of delicious chocolate and interesting conversation in El Rocio • Ruiz-Herrera in El Peurto de Santa Maria for replacing the bottom bracket with such short notice and for the amazing price of 20 euros • Thanks yet again to the Dutch Taxation Office for supporting us this month • Friedrich in Luxembourg for the timely e-mails with reassuring advise. (Nietzsche - Those in search of pure water, have to swim upstream) !EuroSRS for hosting this site!

01: derailler cable (Son)
19: flat tyre 10kms (Son)
19: flat tyre 15kms (Son)
19: back tyre replaced (Son)
20: bottom bracket replaced (Son)
25: Ortlieb bag ripped after fall (Ali)
26: back tyre replaced (Ali)

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