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Cycling in South America

Click on the road sections of the map of South America below to go to that particular monthly page with our diary, photos, video, tip of the month, thank you's, breakdowns, GoogleMaps and more. Red route by bicycle, blue by other form of transport.

South America map July 2009 - Cartagena to Ibagué August 2009 - Ibagué to Quito September 2009 - Quito to San Ignacio October 2009 - San Igancio to Huanta November 2009 - Huanta to La Paz December 2009 - La Paz to La Cebada January 2010 - La Cebada to Barrancas February 2010 - Barrancas to Bariloche March 2010 - Bariloche to São José do Norte April 2010 - São José do Norte to Foz do Iguazu May 2010 - Foz do Iguazu to Paraty June 2010 - Paraty to Belo Horizonte July 2010 - Frankfurt to Londerzeel

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