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Cycling in Europe (part 2)

When we returned to Europe in June 2010, we cycled a different section of western Europe than when we first set off on our round the world trip. Below is the route we took from June 2010 onwards. If you want to see the route through Europe in 2006 and 2007, crossing most of southern Europe, check out the cycling in Europe I page.

Click on the road sections of the map of Europe below to go to that particular monthly page with our diary, photos, video, tip of the month, thank you's, breakdowns, GoogleMaps and much more interesting stuff. Red route by bicycle, blue by other form of transport.

Europe part 2 - 2010 July 2010 - Frankfurt to Londerzeel August 2010 - Londerzeel to Morbier September 2010 - Morbier to Nîmes October 2010 - Nîmes to Tunis

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