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Sonya Spry & Aaldrik Mulder cycling around the world 2006 - 2011 |

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands
57,915 kilometres and 60 metres loaded cycling
458 kilometres and 258 metres altitude gain
5 continents, 47 countries
1731 days or 4 years, 8 months and 27 days
(or 149,558,400 seconds / 2,492,640 minutes / 41,544 hours)


So St. Catherine Egypt was our finish line after all...

Amsterdam, October 2012:
Seventeen months after we stopped cycling and decided to take a sabattical for a year and a bit to work at topping up our bank account, our world cycle tour has come to an abrupt end...

Just before we started to make new plans for the next stage of life on the road, Ali fell ill and he has spent more than five weeks in Egyptian and Dutch hospitals since.

We are now both back in the Netherlands, after Sonya terminated her English teaching contract in Saudi Arabia and rescued Ali from the hands of cranks and incompetence infesting the Egyptian healthcare system (thanks Gordon for that quote!).

So we have to start all over again and in the meantime, more research has to be done to determine the causes of Ali's suddenly deteriorating health. There is no doubt that the next period will be a difficult one for the both of us, but we're optimistic about our chances and are ready to face the challenges to come.

Special thanks to:
Sherif, Saleh, Mohamed, Hans, Paula, Martine, Sanne, Gineke, Ali's family and all the staff at OLVG in Amsterdam for EVERYTHING.

TOUR.TK is here to stay...
But this doesn't mean this site is not going somewhere... We've accumulated so much information that in the months to come, we will try and make the site easier to navigate and even more interesting; especially on the country info pages. There is still a lot of work to do...

Between July 2006 and April 2011 we:
cycled through 47 countries; crossed 63 borders; rode 57,915 km; climbed 458 kilometer; camped on 691 days; had 129 flat tyres; broke 53 spokes; fractured 3 bones; had 2 collisions with cars; experienced 4 national elections; sat through 1 revolution and made a hell of a lot of new friends !

The Tour:
Having sold all our belongings and paid our debts; having said goodbye to our friends and packed up the bikes, we are totally excited about the big bicycle adventure. Starting off in The Netherlands on 31 July 2006, we believe we can travel on the road for about six years. That should give us enough time to stay longer in some countries, while avoiding bad weather in others. Secretly, we wouldn't even mind if our journeys take us a bit longer, because sometimes a 'no reservations' opportunity arises. And then you really should: follow your heart!

Not only do we want plenty of time to have a good look around, but also document our travels. Each monthly story, slide show and latest video can be found via the on the road section of the site. Want to know more about us or be kept up to date?: Easy: follow our blog!

Intended for both the cyclist and traveller alike, our country info pages give you an idea about the cost of living around the globe. Planning your expenses is as important as your health. There are also plenty of general facts and figures to stock up on: trip distances; climate charts; well travelled cycle routes including road conditions; bike shops; and recommended maps to use. Though some will say: follow your nose!

Maybe you'd like to know about our preparations or what previous trips inspired this change of lifestyle. Our tips & tricks also stirs a bit of interest as do the equipment and electronics we are carrying in our bags. The 'why we kept it' and 'why we threw it' review comes direct from the touring cyclist's mouth. If at all in doubt, the best advice is to: follow gut escapade insurance

While we don’t profess to know everything about border crossings and visas, with the help of World Travel Guide we can definitely point you in the right direction. And if we don't have the answer to your question then maybe one of the fellow travellers, cycling buddies or associated websites on our links pages does. Falling short of that, you could always contact us and we'll do our best to help you out. Hopefully, enough information is provided here to help you plan your own epic touring journey. Really it is not a big price to pay: follow your dream!

And for those just wanting to experience the ambience of on the road living, then our journal entries will keep you occupied for hours: daily details from camping wild for free to sleeping in budget guest house accommodation or local city hotels; from typical vegetarian food and drink served by street vendors to the joys of restaurant eating and supermarket shopping. So how about it: follow our tour ?!

What a wonderful world tour biking plans (as of May 2011):
Autumn 2006 Netherlands / Belgium / Luxembourg / Germany / France tick
Winter 2006 Spain / Portugal / Italy / Greece tick
Spring 2007 Turkey / Iran tick
Summer 2007 Turkmenistan / Uzbekistan / Kyrgyzstan / China / Pakistan tick
Autumn 2007 India / Nepal tick
Winter 2007 Malaysia / Singapore / Thailand tick
Spring 2008 Japan / South Korea tick
Summer 2008 Canada / USA tick
Autumn 2008 Mexico tick
Winter 2008 Mexico tick
Spring 2009 Belize / Guatemala / El Salvador / Honduras / Nicaragua / Costa Rica / Panama tick
Summer 2009 Colombia / Ecuador / Peru tick
here we change hemisphere and seasons!
Spring 2009 Bolivia / Chile / Argentina tick
Summer 2009 Argentina / Uruguay tick
Autumn 2010 Brazil tick
and back in the north...
Summer 2010 Germany / Netherlands / Belgium / France tick
Autumn 2010 France / Italy / Corsica / Sardinia tick
Winter 2010 Tunisia / Libya / Egypt tick
Spring 2011 Egypt tick
Nuweiba Beach
Bedouin Bus, connecting Sinai

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