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Points Of Interest - Paso Pino Hachado - Argentina / Chile

paso Pino Hachedo
Araucaria araucana (or monkey-puzzle tree) near the Pino Hachado pass.

Road surface:
Altitude gain:

Border posts:
Nearest towns:

1884 metres above sea level
38° 39′ 0″ S, 70° 53′ 0″ W
Partly unpaved on Argentina side (from border post to pass, 7 km); paved in Chile
1471 metres up from Las Lajas (762 masl); distance 61 km
886 metres up from Liucura (1009 masl); distance 22 km
7 km from pass (Argentina); 22 km from pass (Chile)
Las Lajas (Argentina): 61 km; Liucura (Chile): 22 km
Please make sure you eat all fresh and dried food before entering Chile. It is prohibited to take it across the border.

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