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Points Of Interest - Paso Hua Hum - Argentina / Chile

paso Hua Hum
On board of the ferry "Hua Hum" across Lake Pirihueico.

Road surface:
Altitude gain:

Border posts:
Nearest towns:

625 metres above sea level (masl)
40° 6′ 19″ S, 71° 40′ 11″ W
Unpaved; rocky and steep on Chilean side; partially graded on Argentine side
1221 metres up from Panguipulli (161 masl); distance 65 km
851 metres up from San Martin de los Andes (645 masl); distance 49 km
2 km from pass (Chile); 2 km from pass (Argentine)
Puerto Fuy (Chile), 5 km + ferry ride; San Martin de los Andes (Argentina), 49 km
To get to or from the pass on the Chilean side, you have to take a ferry across Lake Pirihueico. The Hua Hum ferry runs every day between Puerto Fuy and Puerto Pirihueico and takes 1½ hours. For more info on the ferry service, check the Barcazas website.
Please make sure you eat all fresh and dried food before entering Chile. It is prohibited to take it across the border.

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