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On the road . February 2011 . Egypt (during the revolution)

map route Egypt

Hotel Jowhara [website], Dahab, Egypt, 13-04-11
Cycling a revolution

Luxor to Hurghada
(3 cycle days; 254km - bike; 50km - pickup; 891m)

Luxor to 28 km after Qena (100km; 177m)
28 km after Qena to 28 km before Safaga (107km; 628m)
28 km before Safaga to Hurghada (47km -bike; 50km -pickup; 86m)

Demonstrations increase in size each day. On the first Tuesday of the month, we venture down to the train station in the afternoon. The spirit present is quite inspirational: people of all ages and of all positions gather together. They are as surprised to see a couple of tourists in Aswan as we are about their political openness. A police presence is noticeable, but the demonstration is entirely peaceful and very hopeful. The public prayer cements the belief that these Egyptians have in reform. The following day, Mubarak supporters take to the street. They don't walk: they instead drive cars; ride motorbikes; hire a horse and carriage or a taxi. The lack of police is noticeable and the demonstration has an aggressive tone...

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tip of the month tent door mat Tip of the month: Chamois appeal
So what is the appeal of carrying a chamois with you on your next cycle touring trip? Keeping things clean and dry is unquestionably a part of touring life and with the excellent absorbency qualities and the ability of this cloth to be wrung almost dry, using a chamois is a great way to achieve just that.

A chamois sits neatly on the top of a pannier for easy access or can be stored inside in a ziploc bag when not immediately needed. Here are a few ways of putting your chamois to good use:
Wipes down wet pannier bags & gear before putting inside the tent after a rainy cycling day. Have it on hand when camping since it mops up spills fast & efficiently - it's better than other sponge types. Removes tent condensation or rain from both the inside and outside of your tent. This is especially effective when you cant wait for your tent to dry in the morning. Excellent for drying & cleaning off park benches & picnic tables when you stop for a roadside snack.


Aswan - St. Catherine (Egypt)
593 km and 40 metres
Riding days: only 8...
Alti meters: 3093 metres
Weather: sun, sun, sun
Best accommodation: Bedouin Camp in St. Catherine !

Special thanks to:
Kunny for organising our internet banking • Andrew for the laid-back companionship when Egypt shut down • Locals for giving us the 50 kilometre lift to Hurghada in their pick-ups from the roundabout outside Safaga • Jan for the genuine merriment and great story-telling in Hurghada • To the People of Egypt who showed us a momentous time in the history of their country and the world • Thanks to everyone at Sheik Mousa's Bedouin Camp for making our stay there so comfortable and a special thanks to Saleh for all he did to help Ali out with the hospital arrangements •

06: tyre worn through (Ali)
17: tyre wall rips (Son)

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