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On the road . January 2011 . Egypt

map route Egypt, Western Desert

Hathor Hotel [website], Aswan, Egypt, 26-01-11
Out of the commotion and into the calm

Cairo to Luxor (13 cycle days; 1 rest day; 1406km; 3890m)
Cairo to 70 km after 6th October City (119km; 431m)
70 km > 6th Oct. City to 54 km > rest house (118km; 181m)
54 km > resthouse to 6 km past Iron Mine City (106km; 392m)
6 km after Iron Mine City to 28 km after Heiz (113km; 329m)
28 km after Heiz to Farafra (107km; 338m)
Farafra to 23 km after Abu Minqar (117km; 465m)
23 km after Abu Minqar to 37 km before Qasr (117km; 214m)
37 km before Qasr to Mut - Dakhla oasis (69km; 187m)

Mut (Dakhla oasis) to 21 km b4 Abu Turtur (126km; 316m)
21 km before Abu Turtur to El Kharga (67km; 145m)
El Kharga to 49 km after Bagdad turn-off (124km; 356m)
49 km after turn-off to 119 km before Luxor (104 km; 356m)
119 km before Luxor to Luxor (119km; 180m)

Chaos and cons
Cairo boils and bubbles underneath the thick black smog that hangs low over the city everyday. It simmers with chaos; it is riddled with cheats, but away from the tourist haunts, it still manages to echo a genuine welcome...

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tip of the month tent door mat Tip of the month: Cycle tourist with doggy-treat is a dog's best friend
Cycling through the Western Desert in Egypt, we learned a great tip for keeping those bike chasing dogs from snapping at your ankles. Since this is a common cyclist's complaint, we were quite surprised we hadn't heard about it before or even thought about it ourselves. This time, we have to hand it to Gunter a great reverse psychology trick.

While they might not deserve it, chucking a doggy treat can actually give you time to cycle away from a dog attack. The snacks are designed especially for dogs which means, whether they are domesticated, working or wild, something delicious will more likely win out over the chase. Besides being a less aggressive way of handling this problem, dog treats are lightweight and don't take up much room in the handlebar bag.

So, If you are thinking about cycling through a notoriously dog-ridden land, why not take a little packet along and see if it works for you too. Who knows, if enough of us do this, cyclists might actually become a dog's best friend.


Cairo - Aswan (Egypt)
1640 kilometres and 510 metres
Riding days: only 15 days !
Alti meters: 4293 metres up
Weather: sun, sun, sun, but rather cold...
Best accommodation: Camp Rezeiky in Luxor; sharing the place with Tour d'Afrique for a few nights. Great to meet up with Cristiano again as well!

Special thanks to:
Patrick & Verena for the coffee and chat on two chance roadside meetings • The Italian overlanders for the food gifts • Günter for the cycling company, the delicious dinners in Mut and Al Khagar and for proving once again that if you really want to cycle tour, it is just a matter of doing it • Meghan & Jason for their excellent companionship on the unforgettable ride through the Western Desert. Also for the hookups afterwards in both Luxor and Aswan, the dinners and the beers in return for our camp cooking and early morning caffeine fixes • Cristiano for still being one very cool guy • Matthias, the Tour d'Afrique medic, for his expert advice when Ali burnt his hand • All the other Tour d'Afrique cyclists who we chatted with or who assisted in putting out the fire at Rezeiky CampDennis, who stuck out as being one of the funniest and most down-to-earth guys we have met in a while • Michael for the rooftop chat over a couple of beers

09: broken spoke (Ali)
17: broken chain (Son)
24: flat tyre- wall ripped (Son)

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