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On the road . May 2010 . Brazil

map route Brazil

Rodrigo & Tatia's penthouse, Rio, Brazil, 12-06-10
Should we stay or should we go?

Foz do Iguaçu to Curitiba (10 cycle days; 644km; 8537m)

Foz do Iguaçu to 5 km before Madianeira (56km; 700m)
5 km < Madianeira to 5 km before Cascaval (77km; 1015m)
5 km before Cascaval to Guaraniaçu (82km; 805m)
Guaraniaçu to Laranjeiras do Sul (67km; 1083m)
Laranjeiras do Sul to Tres Pinheiros (57km; 921m)
Tres Pinheiros to 12 km after Guarapuava (75km; 1000m)
12 km after Guarapuava to 16 km before Irati (67km; 712m)
16 km before Irati to 13 km before Palmeira (69km; 931m)
13 km before Palmeira to turn-off BR 376 (42km; 751m)
turn-off BR 376 to Curitiba (52km; 619m)

It is hard to drag ourselves away from the comforts of the hostel in Foz do Iguaçu, but we really need to get back on our bikes. Especially when mould starts to grow on the damp straps of your bike helmet tucked at the end of the tent. There has been so much to busy ourselves with here and quite frankly, sitting around in a nice and well equipped environment with plenty of travellers coming and going is really pleasant. So much so...

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tip of the month May 2010Tip of the month: How to lace a 32 spoke hub to a 36 spoke rim

When time is of the essence; the only parts are a 32-spoke hub and a 36-spoke rim; then a little bit of improvisation is in order. And here's a solution to get you successfully back on the road.

Drill four extra holes in your hub keeping in mind that they need to be as close to dead centre of the two existing holes as possible. Lace the wheel as per normal with four spokes being a fraction longer. While your wheel will not be perfectly true, you will be able to pedal. And sometimes that is crucial.


Foz do Iguacu - Paraty (Brazil)
Kilometres: 1384 kilometres and 380 metres
Riding days: 22 in all
Alti meters: 12,934 metres
Weather: pretty miserable, too much rain...
Best accommodation: João Paulo, thanks mate !

Special thanks to:
Everyone at Loja do Ciclista in Laranjeiras do Sul for their patience and excellent creative group thinking when trying to fix my rear wheel. And then to top it all off, offering us the labour for free. I think we all learned something special from this experience: there is always a solution to every problem • Cristian and the crew at Biketech in Curitiba for their expertise and eagerness to help build a completely new and sturdy rear-wheel for loaded touring • Our Warmshowers host: João Paulo Saboia for generously putting us up for a few days in Curitiba, making us feel right at home and cooking us his fabulously delicious pizza. Juliana his flatmate; as well as his great bunch of friends for all their conversations, kindness, contacts and fun-times • Michelle and Dave for their wonderfully thoughtful present. XXX • Ciclone Bike in Peruíbe for their quick work in replacing Ali's brake cables and blocks and the two complimentary money belt gifts • Adriaan for the time spent via Skype to book our flights and the loan of his credit card when both of ours were blocked from being used via internet • Helsport tent-makers once again for their wonderfully sturdy and reliable masterpiece: the Isfjell 2. It has had a real beating in Brazil and after eight years of life it is still keeping us secure.

04: Ortlieb map cases completely fallen apart (Son + Ali)
05: cracked rear rim (Son)
08: mental breakdown (Son) when Ali pretends to forget her birthday
08: flat tyre (Son)
09: Tubus rack rusted through and snapped (Son)
10: tent pole snapped
10: zip on Lonepeak handlebar bag broken (Ali)
11: whole new wheel built (Son)
17: Sony video camera died - no zoom, no record, no photo (Son)
18: Ortlieb dumpsack ripped (Ali)
20: Panasonic Lumix camera zoom sticking and causing system error (Son)
20: Helmet inner head support broken (Son)
21: flat tyre (Son)
22: new brake blocks and cables (Ali)
23: flat tyre (Son)
23: tent pole snapped
24: flat tyres - back and front (Son)
24: new headset pin and fork attachments (Son)
24: new ball bearings in front hub (Son)
24: Sony Vaio computer dead (Ali)
24: ongoing problems with Primus omni fuel stove reach a peak
24:Teva sandals break in half (Son)
27: right knee cap locking and needs replacing... (Son)
29: flat tyre (Son)
30: flat tyre (Son) didn't find the glass the first time
30: broken chain (Ali)
30: bottom bracket grinding: needs replacing (Ali)
30: tent pole cracked

And can somebody please stop the rain !!!

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