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On the road . October 2009 . Peru

map route Peru

Hostal Sol de Selva [website] Tarapoto Peru, 12-10-09
Leaving the cool mountains behind

San Ignacio to Tarapoto
(7 cycle days; 1 rest days; 528km; 5991m)

San Ignacio to Tamborapa (71km; 626m)
Tamborapa to Bagua Grande (70km; 731m)
Bagua Grande to Pedro Ruiz (67km; 1228m)
Pedro Ruiz to km 69 (69km; 1664m)
km 69 Nueva Cajamarca (89km; 423m)
Nueva Cajamarca to Moyobamba (46km; 240m)
Moyobamba to Tarapoto (116km; 1079m)

A smooth feel beneath the wheels
Up until today, we have had ochre red dirt and beachy white sand. Beneath the wheels, it is now a bright pink combination of these colours. The initially short 4 kilometre climb out of San Ignacio is followed by a contrastingly long hand deadening 15 kilometre and 800 altimetre drop, due to the excessively rocky surface. The drizzle numbs us even further, but luckily enough it isn't cold. As we descend further, the warmer the temperature becomes and by the time we have levelled out, the sun is well and truly with us: we are now as wet with sweat as we were earlier with rain...

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tip of the month October 2009Tip of the month: I'd kill for a cuppa...
Before we bought our water heating element, there were many moments when I could have killed for a cup of coffee or tea. But let's face it, getting out the multi-fuel stove each time and firing it up, especially when you are not camping, is a real pain in the neck. Well, we no longer have that problem.

There are many makes and models of water heating elements and the cheapest on the market go for just a couple of dollars. You can find them in camping stores, travel departments or electrical stores. So, if there is electricity, then you can have boiled water at any time of the day or night. Not only handy for a well deserved cuppa or pot noodle snack, but you can treat the tap water you are not quite sure in a matter of minutes.


San Ignacio - Huanta (Peru)
Kilometres: 1321 kilometres and 980 metres
Riding days: 19 days
Alti meters: 14,851 metres
Weather: Too much rain to start with. And then from steaming hot to freezing cold.
Best accommodation: Hostal Orbel in Junín. Clean, modern, hot water, light working, big room. What else do you need?

Special thanks to:
Rosa and Faustino from Hostal Sol de Selva in Tarapoto for inviting us for breakfast (twice); letting us use their WiF and taking us out on some nice daytrips around the region • Kevin and James for waiting for us all that time in Mayocc and having to drink all those beers. And in the end we didn't even show up...

01: water heater (see below) Peru: 220V instead of 110V...
02: flat tyre (Ali)
03: flat tyre (Ali)
20: flat tyre (Son x2, Ali x1)
31: flat tyre (Ali)

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