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On the road . September 2009 . Ecuador and Peru

map route Ecuadro and Peru

Internet Cafe, Cuenca, Ecuador, 12-09-09
Arriba, arriba y vamos... [Up, up and away]

Quito to Cuenca (6 cycle days; 1 rest days; 463km;7747m)

Quito to Latacunga (93km; 1138m)
Latacunga to Mucha (69km; 1244m)
Mucha to Guamote (85km; 1301m)
Guamote to Chunchi (80km; 1342m)
Chunchi to Tambo (60km; 1611m)
Tambo to Cuenca (76km; 1111m)

Quitting Quito
Even if it was an easy city to cycle into, Quito doesn't really impress me at all. It is bubbling over with that strange breed of budget tourists who somehow have enough cash to buy a beer at almost 3 times the local price and spend $20 on a pizza. Everything in the immediate vicinity of El Mariscal caters towards entertaining and ripping them off. This includes the opportunist thief, as our cycle companion Karsten finds out the night before we have planned to quit Quito.

After way too many beers - the boy has difficulty knowing when you should say "no more" - he is lightened of his camera, money and mobile phone...

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Thermarest re-use

Tip of the month: What to do with the old Therm-a-rest matress?

We love our Therm-a-rest mattresses, but we have had problems with de-lamination deeming them useless for sleeping on. But if you are into recycling, then here's a little tip... they make great insulation or padded bags.

Out of the last mattress, I designed a computer bag protector and a bike travel bag that not only fits snuggly on top of my back Ortlieb pannier, but is reasonably insulating too. The latter also doubles as a day pack and stuffed with a couple of clothes makes a great pillow. The fabric itself squashes up really small; is easily cleanable; and if it gets wet, it dries in a flash. So the possibilities are limitless... water bottle bag, hard drive protector, iPod holder...


Quito (Ecuador) - San Ignacio (Peru)
Kilometres: 928 kilometres and 690 metres
Riding days: 15 (short) days
Alti meters: a staggering 18,212 metres !
Weather: more rain than we wanted / needed
Best accommodation: Hostal Latino in Cuenca; centre of town, cheap (US$14), fantastic room, extremely friendly owner and staff.

Special thanks to:
Karsten for keeping us company over the last four weeks. See you in Santiago and have a great trip ! • The welder in Loja for removing a broken bolt at no cost.

03: flat tyre (Son)
09: flat tyre (Son)
21: flat tyre (Son) due to a large piece of glass
21: exchange € 4 Cheng Shin tyre after 8325 km !
26: eyelet to hold rack up breaks once again Ali)

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