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On the road . July 2009 . Colombia

map route Colombia

Las Cabinas [website] Medellín, Columbia, 22-07-09
Cartagena to Medellín
(11 cycle days; 3 rest days; 670km;7595m)

Cartagena to San Juan Nepomuceno (88km; 667m)
San Juan Nepomuceno to El Carmen de Bolivar (32km; 366m)
El Carmen de Bolivar to Sincelejo (70km; 639m)
Sincelejo to Sahagun (51km; 264m)
Sahagun to Planeta Rica (72km; 599m)
Planeta Rica to Caucasia (67km; 301m)
Caucasia to Tarazá (64km; 394m)
Tarazá to Valdivia (62km; 1101m)
Valdivia to Yarumal (38km; 1513m)
Yarumal to Santa Rosa de Osos (51km; 1016m)
Santa Rosa de Osos to Medellín (76km; 735m)

Comfortable Cartagena
Our first impressions of Colombia are based entirely on what we experience during our week long stay in Cartagena. Street life is incredibly bustling. Book salesmen, watchmakers, jewellers and fruit and vegetable merchants collectively huddle in little roadside booths or snooze under the shade of their canopied trolleys. Cooling lemonade or tamarillo juice vendors are found in every street...

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Ortlieb coffee filterTip of the month: in place of the paper coffee filter
Up until Mexico and Central America, we had no problems finding inexpensive unbleached paper filters for our ortlieb coffee holder. From then on in, it was not only difficult sourcing them, but when we did come across them they were bleached and we had to fork out an arm and a leg for a months supply. It was time to figure out an alternative.

With some no-see-um (sand-fly) netting left over from tent repairs and using the same measurements as a No 4 cup filter, I sewed together this little addition to our kitchen. As well as weighing and costing us next to nothing, it cleans easily with a good shake and a bit of water. Furthermore, it is way more environmentally friendly.


Cartagena - Ibagué (Colombia)
Kilometres: 1106 km. and 810 m.
Riding days: 18
Alti meters: a staggering 15,294 meters
Weather: generally good, but very hot in the lowlands
Best accommodation: Hotel Balcon el Paraiso in Yarumal: big room, hot water, wifi and a great view over the plaza for only 32.000 Pesos. We also have to mention Hotel Mageba in Medellín; right in the city centre, super friendly and at a great price.

Special thanks to:
Vincent for the coffee and the nice chat • Heidi and Wolfgang for sharing their juicy watermelon • Ariel @ Ciclo Bike La Mulita in Sincelejo for the great conversation; the drinks, the service and the Colombian flag sticker! • Wilder for looking after Ali at hospital Antonio Roldan Betancur • Jesus from Hotel Camelot for buying back our speedometer... • Maria, Rodrigo & Ronaldo for letting us camp for the night and for the hot and sweet coffee in the evening and morning!

21: new tyres (Ali)
23: 3 flat tyres Ali (two with fall, one serious)
30: flat tyre Ali

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