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On the road . August 2008 . Canada and USA

map route Canada and USA

Nelson City Campground, Nelson, Canada, 22-08-08
All aboard the tourist trail

Hope to Penticton
(4 cycle days; 1 rest day; 286km; 2378m)

Hope to near Coquihalla Pass (62 km; 1142 m)
near Coquihalla Pass to near Coalmont (80 km; 294 m)
near Coalmont to near Bankeir (59 km; 438 m)
near Bankeir to Penticton (84 km; 504 m)

After enough rain to warrant a clear day, we set off in the sunshine and in fine spirits, ready to experience Andrew McCullen's masterpiece of engineering: The Kettle Valley Railway. An abandoned railway bed that winds from Midway and Hope. It has station names that will definitely ring a bell if you are familiar with Shakespeare. Apparently, McCullen, an avid fan of the Elizabethan writer, was said to have cited his poetry round the campfire of an evening during the construction years. The first leg of the journey to Othello tunnels is like a dream come true. Hardened earth paths winding in and out rain-forested hillsides, tunnels and bridges, gorges and gushing waterways. If it is like this, all the way, then we are in for a real cycling treat...

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bear proofTip of the month: Bear-proofing

Camping in a spot with no food cache?
Then, here's a tip, besides the tedious hanging your food bags between two trees solution:

If a rubbish bin is in close vicinity, open up the back (you'll need two hands for this operation) and underneath where the rubbish bags hang is enough space to store your food overnight without it getting contaminated by the rubbish that comes in from the front.


Hope (BC, Canada) - Ellensburg (WA, USA)
Kilometres: 1449 kilometers and 54 meters
Riding days: 21
Alti meters: 14,688 metres
Weather: well, just sunny I suppose !
Best accommodation: Fletcher Falls only just pipping Darley Springs' post: peaceful, tranquil, beautiful and for free

Special thanks to:
Monti Phillpot from Darley Springs for the best story telling this side of the Rockies • The Veenendaal's from Vernon for their campsite at Mabel Lake • Also at Mabel Lake: Paula for the salad and corn, firewood and armchairs • The family from Site No 3 at Shelter Bay for firewood • Tiki and Brian for the stroopwafel (haven't had one of these since The Netherlands).

06: 2 broken spokes (Son)
24: flat tyre (Son)
29: flat tyre (Ali)

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