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On the road . August 2007 . Pakistan

map route Pakistan

Internet café in Aabpara, Islamabad, 25-08-07

Never a dull moment
Karimabad to Islamabad via Babusar Pass
(10 cycle days; 4 rest days; 590km; 5399m; 45km by bus)

Karimabad to Gilgit (108km; 893m)
Gilgit to Thalichi (65km; 650m)
Thalichi to Chilas (68km; 571m) * estimate kms & altitude
Chilas to Gittidas (6km; 106m; approx. 45 km by bus)
Gittidas to Besal (20km; 270m)
Besal to Naran (46km; 532m)
Naran to Balakot (83km; 754m)
Balakot to Abbottabad (65km; 1052m)
Abbottabad to Taxila (89km; 308m)
Taxila to Islamabad (40km; 263m)

Before you know it...
Time passes quickly in Pakistan. There is never a dull moment anywhere in this country. On the road you either contend with soaring temperatures, landslides, mountainous terrain, lack of bitumen, newly formed rivers across the track or the complete madness of the toot-happy truck and bus drivers. In any township, you'll be the centre of attention and especially if you are male...

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hand brakes Tip of the month: Inner tube bike stabilisers

Miriam & Javier told us about this great tip for stabilising your bike in almost any parked situation. Just cut your old inner tube into rubber band like strips and put them around the ends of your handle bar. When resting the bike on a hill, slope or position likely to result in the cycle falling over or rolling away, use the bands to hold your front and/or back brakes in position.

The elastic bands also come in handy for when you nee to reset your brake blocks.
Furthermore, if you cut the strips thin enough, you can use them like a normal elastic band.
While they do deteriorate after time, they generally last longer in the heat than the usual variety.


Karimabad - Islamabad (Pakistan)
589 kilometers and 910 meters
Riding days: 10 days again
Alti meters: 5399 meters
Weather: from extremely hot (+55 degrees C. in the sun) to hail in just a week
Best accommodation: Gandhara Restaurant and soon to be hotel in Taxila

Special thanks to:
The Brothers Taseer in Thalichi for offering us their warm hospitality and great food • The Lahore lawyers who took one overheated Ali and his bike to Chilas • Molly for the shouting the pizza meal and luxurious room with a bathtub in Abbottabad, not to mention the companionship from Gilgit to Islamabad. And for letting us use some of her photos in our slide show.

10: flat tyre (Ali)
11: flat tyre 2x (Ali)
18: flat tyre (Son)
19: flat tyre (Son)
26: 2 tent poles
28: tent pole
29: tent pole...

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